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26th March 2019
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12th April 2019
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Western was shown on 27 March, 2019 Members’ Rating 40.7%: A - 3 ; B – 9 ; C - 15 ; D - 21 ; E - 19. 67 votes from 113 Members signing in.

Comments on Western the twelfth film of the 50th Season, shown on 27th March 2019.

Your comments on Western, the twelfth film of our 50th season, shown on 27th March 2019.

Members’ Rating 40.7%: A – 3 ; B – 9 ; C – 15 ; D – 21 ; E – 19. 67 votes from 113 Members signing in.

A – (excellent) Too much deep meaningful testosterone. Two hours of my life very well spent. Full of humanity, very interesting meeting of different cultures.

B – (very good) Much more interesting than the Time Out review suggested. Thank God. Came away moved but confused. Didn’t like the men’s behaviour, however the film was well done. History (modern) lesson! A little slow but very interesting. Gentle film. Good soundtrack. Given all actors were completely new to acting, they did very well. An open finish – open for people to translate their own ending. I really enjoyed the film which did many of the themes of a spaghetti western, I thought! And Bulgaria looks beautiful! Unsentimental, raw. A lovely film. Meinhardt was a lost soul.

C – (good) Interesting but boring. Reminds me of a holiday in Bulgaria! Oh no. What happened to the ending. Was atmospheric right until the end. Then nothing. Slow, but ultimately absorbing. Atmospheric but very slow-moving. Atmospheric and good main character – bit jumpy! High Plains Drifter meets Boys From The Blackstuff. Enjoyable in a strange gentle way. Don’t quite know what to make of it. Held my interest, but some scenes were too long. Stark environment enhanced the emotions of the film, shown by the male and female characters. Eat, Drink, Smoke, Dance. A lot said by not saying anything. Not an easy film to come to a conclusion about :- well filmed, slow build-up – but what was it saying? It was a good film but hard work to watch and as frustrating for the viewer as it was for the characters trying to communicate without the common language. Perhaps I just do not find the male ego particularly fascinating. John Wayne as the lead character would have been a more challenging choice.

D – (fair) Didn’t realise the male ego was so dull. High expectations not met. Not really a story. Too slow, too many cigarettes, only good thing was the music at the end. What was this all about? Overlong, boring main character. Like watching cement dry. Very slow and hard to feel empathy with that many men. Strange film. Confusing. Rather boring and slow. Interesting to see rural Bulgarian village life though. Of course the German workers are western to the eastern Bulgarians. A documentary about rural life in Bulgaria. I could hardly see it – it was so dark at times. Hard to understand and very long and slow. It made me want to visit Bulgaria though. Too long, bad storyline, characters made no sense, obvious elements. Good music though. Great music. Just not so sure. We could have built the dam in the same time. I yearned for a man in a black hat, a shoot-out, anything. Dull. Perhaps it would have been easier to follow if filmed in daylight… or maybe not? Disappointing and tedious.

E – (poor) So slow. Very hard to stay awake. Too many shots in the dark. Interesting but didn’t seem to lead anywhere. Not sure what happened, I had a nap. I suppose one film has to be the worst of the season – and this was it. Boring and mind-numbing! Sad about the horse. After last time’s film (Frantz) this had no interest for me – boring and too loud (in many ways). Lovely music at the end. I think I didn’t get it. Confused about any plot. Very disappointed. Might not come again. Boring – little plot, little storyline, little entertainment. 2 hours of yawn. Best bit was the music at the end. Really didn’t understand what was going on! Baffling film. Random plot. Tried to figure it out but failed miserably. Interminable, unviewable, unmemorable. Bored. Pointless unless to show all German workers are xenophobic misogynists. Good for Brexiteers!! Boring. It took a long time to get going and unfortunately most of the time I wasn’t really interested in what the characters were doing. Difficult to engage with for the most part. A pretty dull story that I am not sure needed to be told. Decided to go to sleep to make good use of the time. One of the boringist films I’ve ever seen. The horse was by far the most interesting character. Not to my liking. Two hours of my life poorly spent.

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