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20th December 2018
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Three Billboards– members’ comments

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri was shown on 21 November 2018.

Members’ rating 87%: A – 43, B – 23, C – 6, D – 1, E – 0.
73 votes from 123 members signing in.

Members’ comments on Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri – the seventh film in our 50th Season, shown on 2nd January 2019.

Members’ Rating 93.1%: A – 56 ; B – 9 ; C – 2 ; D – 2 ; E – 0. 69 votes from 92 members signing in.

A – (excellent) Deserved its Oscars: good storyline and ending, gripping to the last minute. Great story: didn’t know what would happen next: very funny in places and good characters. I can see why she won an Oscar! Enthralling and intelligent, emotionally charged but also with a wry humour: excellent! Absolutely brilliant! Tragic but funny and clever. A real rollercoaster of a movie – bittersweet great dialogue – moving the audience from laugh out loud one moment to such pathos the next: Reminded us that life doesn’t always have a happy ending and time may not heal: no doubt will provoke many thoughts over the coming days. Pacey, engaging and ultimately redemptive tale. An excellent film: surprising all the way: Frances Mcdormand as brilliant as always and perhaps no definite ending was more realistic. Wonderful characterisation, harrowing, funny, a satisfactory ending, should have won Best Picture. Amazing – second time I’ve seen this – moving, funny, etc. Terrific: occasional mumbling didn’t detract from a wonderful film. So many damaged people. Excellent acting: do like an ending! Even better seeing it for second time. Brilliant: superb acting by main actress. Powerful story: shocking and surprising in equal measure: Sam Rockwell was, as always, an enjoyable watch. Well deserved awards: cleverly constructed story of redemption: the “welcome to Missouri” rabbit in the gift shop was white. White rabbit pottery in gift shop scene. A very clever and well constructed film: excellent acting: very absorbing: a delightfully anarchic main character: didn’t spot the white rabbit! Viewing it second time around, I thought it such a good film again: such a good script and such powerful emotion portrayed by such accomplished actors: saw the rabbit too – on posters though, no live ones. Excellent – the best this year. Strong performances all round with emotional twists and turns leading to unexpected resolutions of conflict. Fantastic film – very dark subject matter covered with a light and engaging touch. Just wonderful – acting, story-setting: thank you! Entertaining but dark. Second time seeing this: different reactions this time but still as good: puts a different spin on things! Wondeful film. An excellent film, brilliantly written and acted: complex character: funny, painful and beautiful. Amazing. The right ending. Emotional: Two rabbits – one on a poster, one in the shop! Mesmerising performances: brilliant dialogue with not a wasted word! Amazing: story, acting, resolution: best yet. Tremendous. Excellent acting, unusual and moving story: rabbit on poster and in gift shop. Even better second time around. Stunning story, acting and film: brilliant. Funny, sad, brilliant: probably the best film this season. Great film: one woman’s courageous struggle to find out who murdered her daughter. Captivating film. White rabbit – gift shop: life isn’t black and white, just conflicting shades of grey. Loved the ending. Second time I’ve seen it and enjoyed it even more this time: great score: but does Dixon reform too easily? Exceptional, moving, brilliant acting – best so far – even surpasssed The Divine Order. Brilliant: it already has all the accolades. First class and a worthy Oscar winner: great story and wonderful acting throughout. Weird, unusual, heartbreaking and brilliant film: I saw the white rabbit thrown at Mildred in the shop. Outstanding film, brilliantly acted: thoroughly deserving of the Oscars it won. Hard-hitting and very moving film on love and guilt. Deep explanation of a lot of what is wrong with society… with humour. Great writing plus great acting equals great entertainment: What more is there to say? A horrible theme, brilliantly acted – a bitter bitter woman, thrashing around against everyone, including those wanting to help: It appears to be a currently popular theme: a crime is unsolved, so pass the blame from the perpetuator on to the police as if it is their fault: However, I would still like to see the film again.

B – (very good) A bit violent. Powerful and scary picture of a real America – the folk that voted for Trump! It justified the Oscars! Not the perfect masterpiece that some people claim it to be (glad it lost to Shape of Water) but this is still as good as the first time with great performances and writing:  If Shoplifters doesn’t win (members’ choice) I will eat myself! A powerhouse performance from Frances Mcdormand in a film which made me feel every emotion going: very dark humour and violence I couldn’t watch – a very original choice and deserved the awards. Complex examination of grief: outstanding leads. Very good film but too violent! Humourous but didn’t feel the story held together: feel it lacked finesse – good parts.

C – (good) A little too much violence: different. Entertaining but too far-fetched to make it credible: strong performances. 

D – (fair) I haven’t seen so much anger and disturbance portrayed in such intensity: not what I want to see: dialogue sometimes imposssible to hear. “A” for acting: overdrawn, overdressed, overdone: so much drama, it completely loses the potential realism. 

E – (poor) (No comment/ratings)



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