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Things to Come – members’ comments

Things to Come was shown on 7 February 2018

Members’ rating: 62.1%

A – 16, B – 18, C – 20, D – 10, E – 6 (70 votes from 122 members signing in).

Members’ comments:
A (excellent)
Thoroughly enjoyed it throughout. Brilliant, absorbing: tests your philosophy. Underlying emotions beautifully underplayed: Ms Huppert, as always, perfect in her role. Beautiful sensitive production. Very thought-provoking and definitely one of the best films this season: IH was brilliant. Unbearably sad. A very enjoyable film, very engrossing.This film was perfect in every way.

B (very good)
Thought provoking: wasn’t sure I could follow it all but hopefully she found happiness in her grandchild! Coming to terms with the meaning of life: sensitively expressed. Very real, lovely scenery, great acting, great cat. Very gripping, never seen something with so many themes and perspectives that felt so natural. A lot of the philosophy went over my head but otherwise a very immersive and atmospheric film. Not a good advert for philosophy helping to sort out life, but sensitive. Great atmosphere, maybe a little slow:
Huppert fantastic. Philosophical discussions lost on me. Nice to see a gentle film for a change,
but it’s for people of a certain age: and she’s 60 if she’s a day (and playing someone in their 40s). Interesting film where work and family life clash – but hope and freedom take over! Interesting! Again a strong female character: enjoyable to watch. IH is superb (you should have chosen three of her films for the season!) expressing grief and strength and cool insouciance: she is really brilliant: the script was good and the plot skipped along: I didn’t find the philosopher name-dropping too tiresome: thanks for choosing this film.

C  (good)
Enjoyed the ambience of the film, French way of life, fashions, but didn’t gain much merit from it. Charming French film, nothing to set the pulse racing but absorbing enough: rather a lot of Isabelle Huppert walking about – must have covered her 10K steps a day. Stylish, intelligent, but difficult to discuss. OK, but nothing special: IH walks miles. Spare dialogue allowed time to analyse the emotions. Good scenic photography. Alright, but it didn’t blow me away. Went over my head, but I liked the calmness of it and the music (not the camera!). OK, pleasant, but it didn’t go anywhere. After initial disappointment at IH (I’d been expecting Juliette Binoche I realized), time passed agreeably enough but my conclusion was “so what?” Interesting but far too intellectual for me! Needed more cats!! Good
performances, lovely scenery and a thoughtful premise, it was pleasant enough but I wasn’t
blown away. Huppert carries the film, as usual. At first it was pretty muddled, but it did
become interesting: I liked the way it represented a story of the woman losing everything,
but it featured moments that felt pointless: the cat was great though. Slightly impenetrable
to say the least, Pandora was a star.

D (fair)
Still waiting for the thing to come. Tedious. Pretentious tosh: good to look at when in focus: nice music. Nothing particularly offensive about this film or particularly good I’m afraid: bit tedious, too long, a bit inconsequential: I think the best things about it were the music and Pandora the cat: more Pandora would have redeemed it. Lovely mountains and beach: to me a boring plot, waited for the interesting part: it didn’t come. Too highbrow for me: beautiful scenery – ooh la la – nice donkey. Huppert was good, but overall a rather slow and uninvolving film. Slow, pedestrian, scarcely believable characters, didn’t care about any of them. Not a topic that resonated with me: I enjoyed the locations where it was filmed

E (poor)
Philosophy and entertainment don’t mix: Rotten Tomatoes have gotten it horribly wrong I’m afraid. Subject matter interesting (control) but too subtle and became boring quickly: Sorry! If a ‘poor’ film is shown in the cinema and nobody is there to watch it, is it a poor film? …Yes. Quelle load of French philosophical tosh: I was hoping for Brigitte Macron, instead I got some drawn-out attempt: there were glimmers of interest: Will she have an affair with the student? Why does the daughter cry when left with her mother holding her newborn infant? Did the old woman kill herself? Did Pandora really want to go and live in the countryside? Left with too many questions, I can only believe that the real winner here is
French philosophy: Nil points.


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