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6th May 2018
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The Post – members’ comments

The Post was shown on 5 September 2018. The first film of our 50th season.

Members’ rating 78.4%:  A – 29, B – 23, C – 10, D – 4, E – 1.
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A  (excellent): A great Spielberg film and great start to our season. Absolutely gripping, great start to the new season. Good start to the season: never too sure about having a Hollywood film, but this was classy. Very atmospheric film with an excellent cast: Had to concentrate hard early on in the film to keep track of everyone: Got a bit confused re: the introduction which said that the film stated that the Washington Post printed the story first, when it clearly related the NY Times was the first. Great portrayal of true events with a great cast. A very enjoyable opening to the season: Streep and Hanks at their best, supported very well by the wider cast: I will certainly look into the history of the events with interest. Audio and at times the continuity were poor: The content, acting and direction were riveting: let’s hope the US system is as good dealing with the current administration. Gripping film with excellent performances. Shame that is was written as “The Post”; why not just call it “The Times”? Much went over my head but considering that, I still think it was brilliant: one was able to partake in it, even if some went over head: enjoyed the portrayal of the time without computers, mobiles, colour. Loved the female struggle element! Great choice. Fake news! That news was worthwhile – a pity about fake news now! The American dreams in print – many lessons for today’s press. Fantastic tension built up and acting by superb cast. Great start to the season. Very good, excellent performances, would watch again. Excellent cinemalia: felt like it had been filmed in the 1970s: very authentic. Excellent story and acting: Very authentic feel to the 70s. All round well acted and a great soundtrack for a change. Kept the suspense from the start. Worth publishing! Brilliant film, very pertinent with current events.

B (very good): Enjoyed it even more on second viewing: made me want to see All the Presidents’ Men again and can’t wait for the movie of Bernstein’s latest L book “Fear”! Took some time to get a grip on the context, but strong characters and sense of parallels with the current state (fake news – suppression of truth) came through. Quite slow to start, very much warmed up, probably more interesting to an American audience: good acting indeed. Shame about Tom Hanks’ mumbling! Beginning a bit confusing and jumbled, the film soon picks up and ends up becoming intesne and well handled with great performances and cinematography: Also first film to get an applause since The Eagle Huntress? Really? I would be lying also if I said the fim wasn’t a bit boring in places. Very emotional subject, terrible really: but portrayed in a touching and real way: good to see a newspaper printing. Beginning incoherent and confusing – poor sound: Got better – felt stage-managed: standard Spielberg fare: Very good, interesting subject with a resonance for a view on today’s press: captured a feel of the era and some of the social mores? But a little laboured with a modern perspective: might get more from a second viewing. Very timely, solid film-making: a good opener to the season! Excellent actors, Meryl Streep outstanding, could have focused more on role of women. Good acting: plot slightly difficult to follow at beginning. Great cooking – perfect recipe – very fulfilling. Well acted but too long and post too confusing. Interesting to view today and UK Admin currently attempting to discredit press: A bit heavy on the emotional manipulation. A fascinating film, even more so given the American press’s treatment today! Great performances from Streep and Hanks. Worthy but dull: Meryl Streep was superb. Powerful performacnes and a story that makes strong parallels with the current political system and the role of women in positions of power: A very worthwhile watch. Brilliantly acted and edited: Still relevant issues. Typical Spielberg – good dramatic sweep. First half too slow, but then totally gripping!

C  (good): Tom Hanks was brilliant. Good pace and good opener for the season: You know what you get with Spielberg: Now let’s have some narrative cinema. Bit dull in the first half, perked up in the second half: shame it was all laid on a bit thick. Maybe more of a play than a film: obviously very relevant for our time: A very worthy film with an important discussion at its heart, but also quite cheesy. Monotonous. Slow to start but got going in the end! Music too loud for easy listening: As a venture film it needed gentler treatment. Not sure it was a typical CFS choice: Grew on me but American politics is a little deep for me. First half a bit slow but it improved: great acting from Streep and Hanks!

D  (fair):  Formulaic Spielberg fare, with Hollywood continuing its fascination with the Vietnam War: Streep was her usual wooden self. Thoroughly underwhelming: Never saw characters, but only Streep and Hanks: Predictable: Ropey visual effects, bad make-up and indecisive camera work. Meryl Streep is amazing – other than that, all been done before.

E  (poor): Deluded Americania produced by one of America’s institutions and lead by deluded actors.

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