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Call Me By Your Name – members’ comments
24th September 2018
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11th October 2018
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The Breadwinner – members’ comments

The Breadwinner was shown on 26 September 2018 Members’ rating 81.8%: A - 33, B - 25, C - 10, D - 2, E - 0. 70 votes from 122 Members signing in.

The Breadwinner shown on 26 September 2018. The third film of our 50th season.

Members’ rating 81.8%: A – 31, B – 25, C – 10, D – 2, E – 0.
70 votes from 122 members signing in.

A: (excellent) I felt it had more emotional power being an animation than I would have felt with real people in the parts: extremely sad but visually captivating and shocking. Brilliant animation: how lucky we are. Very compelling way to explain a tragic situation and yet again have us realise what a pampered society we live in!! Loved brave Parvana and was rooting for her throughout. A fantastic film, best of the season so far: fantastic animation and story: at first I felt the ending was abrupt, I now, only minutes later, love it: funny in places too. Exceptional film, heartfelt simple animation: important story: the intertwining storytelling to mirror the main action reminded me of Africa United from a few years ago. Enthralling depiction of an emotive subject told beautifully through animation. How can a film work on so many levels? – I was involved every minute – the emotions depicted by such wonderful animation – what animation. Perfectly pitched storyline. Beautifully animated and deeply moving and emotional – it brought tears to my eyes. Very powerful/great drawings. Beautifully told anti-war film – but the misogyny was dreadful: animation was very clear and original: thoughtful and thought-provoking: yet again too much information about the film in the introduction – let us make our own minds up about how we should react to them (felt generally about CFS films). Breathtaking artistry of the film and scenes of Kabul: I will definitely be reading the follow up books. Amazing visually and captivating story. Beautiful to watch: hard hitting story but still with pockets of humour. Brilliant, beautiful, moving. A very interesting thought-provoking film: life from a girl’s perspective – a viewpoint not normally heard: loved the artwork – all very beige and sepia except Parvana, her family and the story: also loved the quirky bits of humour – the old woman with three arms for instance! Amazing animation: loved the style of animation for story telling. A beautiful, thought-provoking film. A beautifully ;

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