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24th September 2018
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The Breadwinner – members’ comments

The Breadwinner shown on 26 September 2018. The third film of our 50th season.

Members’ rating 81.8%: A – 31, B – 25, C – 10, D – 2, E – 0.
70 votes from 122 members signing in.

A: (excellent) I felt it had more emotional power being an animation than I would have felt with real people in the parts: extremely sad but visually captivating and shocking. Brilliant animation: how lucky we are. Very compelling way to explain a tragic situation and yet again have us realise what a pampered society we live in!! Loved brave Parvana and was rooting for her throughout. A fantastic film, best of the season so far: fantastic animation and story: at first I felt the ending was abrupt, I now, only minutes later, love it: funny in places too. Exceptional film, heartfelt simple animation: important story: the intertwining storytelling to mirror the main action reminded me of Africa United from a few years ago. Enthralling depiction of an emotive subject told beautifully through animation. How can a film work on so many levels? – I was involved every minute – the emotions depicted by such wonderful animation – what animation. Perfectly pitched storyline. Beautifully animated and deeply moving and emotional – it brought tears to my eyes. Very powerful/great drawings. Beautifully told anti-war film – but the misogyny was dreadful: animation was very clear and original: thoughtful and thought-provoking: yet again too much information about the film in the introduction – let us make our own minds up about how we should react to them (felt generally about CFS films). Breathtaking artistry of the film and scenes of Kabul: I will definitely be reading the follow up books. Amazing visually and captivating story. Beautiful to watch: hard hitting story but still with pockets of humour. Brilliant, beautiful, moving. A very interesting thought-provoking film: life from a girl’s perspective – a viewpoint not normally heard: loved the artwork – all very beige and sepia except Parvana, her family and the story: also loved the quirky bits of humour – the old woman with three arms for instance! Amazing animation: loved the style of animation for story telling. A beautiful, thought-provoking film. A beautifully constructed film, delightful animation. I’d been looking forward to this film for weeks and it did not disappoint: fabulous pace, imagination, art work and music. Moving: teaches us all a lesson. Stunning animation: sad that people are so cruel to each other, unable to fathom the mindset. Very beautiful and moving. Extraordinarily moving – never seen an animation produce so much tension and drama. Such beautiful imagery: a deeply moving story. An emotional rollercoaster. Stunning visuals: a triumph of human spirit and perseverance amidst horror. Brilliant. Sad, engaging and even funny: what great characters, reminding us of the senselessness of war and the loss of a wonderful country and its culture. Despite my previous in-built sense that animated means funny films for the kids, I enjoyed The Breadwinner a lot: it held my attention throughout, it has been on my mind ever since, I would like to see it again, and I would strongly recommend it to others: it brought it home to me what a dreadful life that “normal” people lead under terrorist regimes, particularly women in that area of the world: an eye-opener. Fantastic film, moving story telling: animation at its best.

B: (very good) No less harrowing or moving for being an animation: enjoyed it immensely. Simple graphics to portray a complex and bleak situation illustrating the perils of dogma. A fine example of what results when “the dogs of war” are unleashed and the mayhem of regressive thinking: the animation was excellent. Simple yet moving: thoughtful and deep. A touching story shown in an easy to understand animation, just like the children’s book. Beautifully animated and evocative. A hard-hitting story that shines hope in the darkest of settings. I liked the animation but wasn’t so keen on the mythological story: makes you realise the awfulness of living in a tyrannical theological regime. A very moving story told through the eyes of a child: enjoyed the animation. Beautiful animation of such an ugly tale of repression and cruelty. She’s going back to the same situation in the town…. [Forgot to say last week how nice it was that the sound was not LOUD]. Enjoyed it very much but slightly concerned that it’s not written by an Afghan – is it based on personal experience? Very moving portrait of life – animation gave it a deceptively simple feel. Very clever intertwining of traditional story (and humour) with horror of Taliban and humanity that survived it. A very significant message – the treatment of women in Afghanistan: dialogue difficult to hear: what a lot you can indicate with a few lines, particularly eyes! Compelling, evocative and moving, but almost unbearable to watch at times. Despite occasionally being thrown by stylistic and visual similarities to Song of the Sea really enjoyed the switching between the mythical tales and the modern story. Terribly sad story told sensitively through animation. Beautifully told story: made one’s own worries disappear. Very good narrative and make believe acting: good scenery: just occasionally story line a bit confusing. I was completely taken to Kabul by this deft animation: a simple tale beautifully told.

C: (good) Unable to understand the dialogue. Visually rich and beautiful but moire like a children’s film. A very dark depressing story, however good animation and well presented. Beautiful animation, especially the story sequences, and an important story for today’s political climate: a worthy entry for this season. Inspiring story of bravery against the odds: shows what life waslike under Taliban rule.

D: (fair) Well made film but I feel you have only to say the word ‘Taliban’ to receive an Oscar nomination.

E: (poor) (no ratings)

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