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11th March 2018
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Red Turtle – members’ comments

Red Turtle was shown on 14 March 2018

Members’ rating 73.1%. A – 27, B – 15, C – 18, D – 6, E – 1. 67 votes from 110 members signing in.

Members’ comments

A (excellent) – Amazing! How beautifully filmed! How do they do it? A Life fable or story: disaster, ambition, acceptance, love, contentment, ageing and change, then loss pared down and displayed in a simple but beautiful form: gripping and yet soothing to watch, with the lack of speech rendering it even more universal. Beautiful animation and soundtrack: great to see the Film Club showing another animated film: even without words the characters’ expressions and use of colour conveyed so much. Visually stunning: profound, funny, sad. A charming fairy tale with lovely evocative music. Wonderful, full of deep meaning I think! Very, very enjoyable, it didn’t need words. A beautiful film. Terrific animation: very good indeed. Storyline beautiful. Wonderful artistry and totally gripping story. Amazing! Totally absorbing: incredible how a story can be told so beautifully without words. The animation was very good quality and worked very well with the music, very thought-provoking. This film shows that animation is not confined to children’s films but can explore adult themes and emotions. Actions do speak louder than words: would have preferred a different ending to the tsunami. Utterly charming: story kept me mesmerized: what was the man before? Was he a seal? Who knows? The film has inspired me to buy a Ghibli boxset: for me, this was the film of the season! Beautiful artwork and music: a very moving story all the way through. Extraordinary: wonderful colours depicting the moods: didn’t miss speech at all. A very beautiful, tender kind of film, not unlike Our Little Sister: loved the animation, loved the way the story was told without dialogue. It’s a movie you can take and make your own decisions about the meaning: the crabs were great too: there is an issue with it having many moments where it fades out and you think the credits are about to start, but it keeps on going, like “The Return of the King”: that being said, still great – 9/10. Beautiful and I loved the musical score. Mesmerising! How can such a simple story with no dialogue capture your attention so thoroughly? Brilliant film-making. A moving treatise on the passage of time. Wonderful use of colour.

B (very good) – Stunning artwork and animation: a bit puzzled by the story line. Beautiful, romantic fantasy: loved the music. Lovely film. Very beautiful to look at and listen to: slightly surreal story: didn’t miss the fact that there was no dialogue. A beautiful film: quite a different film for me to watch, but I really enjoyed it! Moving, thought-provoking: how much was a dream? Unpredictable and beautifully animated: an emotional treat! Enjoyed the film but not sure why! Brilliant, beautiful, surprisingly captivating: loved that it had no words. Enjoyed it: confusing but intriguing. A gentle alternative to many films I see – thank you. Charming but very slow.

C (good) – It made those who live fast lives with constant phone searches slow down and watch something rather old fashioned and sentimental. Beautifully made but rather bewildering. Good to see a film where I had no idea of the ending! Mother Nature triumphed in the end! Visually beautiful. Pleasant, strange, but lovely to watch. Would have liked more of the turtle: confirmed alas my dislike of Japanese animation style. Mesmerising at times, like watching “The Snowman” for the first time: enjoyed the soundtrack too. I spent ages trying to work out what it was about, but it wasn’t about anything: just a beautifully drawn picture of life. Surely the least resourceful mariner of all time! Beautiful but infuriating. Not as good as classic Ghibli, but a brave and unique film nonetheless. Imaginative and impressively presented. Technically clever but too slow moving. Original. Really good animation: lovely long shadows: crabs were cute. Beautiful animation: very enjoyable.

D (fair) Total contrast to our last film! Clever animation, rather dull story and too long. Very clever but why bother? Just no. Would have been better if he hadn’t killed the turtle. A ‘nice’ animated film: a bit like “The Snowman”: didn’t rock my boat. Boring: so much so that the point passed me by: at least it was short and not in French! I do enjoy films that meander, but not sure it works for animation.

E (poor) Tedious, predictable fable about climate change, unremarkable animation: please can we stick to real films for grown-ups?


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