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The Eagle Huntress (S) (90.7%)

4 October 2017 8pm

UK/Mongolia/USA, 2016
Director: Otto Bell, Documentary/Adventure, 87 mins (U)

The Eagle Huntress is a stunning and inspiring documentary that feels like a fairytale, set in the Altai mountains of Mongolia. It follows 13-year-old girl Aisholpan’s talent in the Kazakh tradition of eagle-hunting that has been handed down for centuries.

Directed by Otto Bell. He previously produced the short documentary HumanXDesign (2016).

The documentary has so far won 8 international awards with a further 18 nominations.

Language: Kazakh. It is narrated by Daisy Ridley.

Filmed in entirely in Mongolia.

Daisy Ridley saw an early cut of this film and loved it so much that she wanted to be a part of it. She is now credited as an executive producer.


“[This] documentary soars thanks to its charming star.”
Tim Robey, The Telegraph (***)

“You want to know more about what Aisholpan is thinking behind that shy determined smile. But that’s not her way. You can imagine her as the gutsy heroine of a Disney animation.”
Cath Clarke, Time Out (****)

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