Our 51st film season:

11 September 2019

Eighth Grade (65%)

A coming-of-age film about a teenage girl voted ‘most quiet in class’, as she strives to survive her eighth grade so that she can start afresh at high school.

USA, 2018, Bo Burnham. Drama/Comedy, 93 mins (15)

25 September 2019

Disobedience (81%)

Set within an orthodox Jewish community in north London, a woman is shunned because of her attraction to a female friend.

Ireland/UK/USA, 2017, Sebastián Lelio. Drama/Romance, 114 mins (15)

9 October 2019

Cold War (74%)

A near-impossible romance between two people from very different backgrounds: a music director and a singer. Set in Poland in the 1950’s.

Poland/UK/France, 2018, Pawel Pawlikowski. Drama/History/Music, 89 mins (15)

23 October 2019

One Cut Of The Dead (83%)

A hack director and his crew are shooting a zombie movie in an abandoned WW2 facility, when they are attacked by real zombies.

Japan, 2017, Shin’ichirȏ Ueda. Comedy/Horror, 96 mins (15)

20 November 2019

Sometimes Always Never (68%)

Scrabble-obsessed and retired, Alan (played by Bill Nighy) searches tirelessly for his absent son, amidst tensions with his other son who constantly feels second best.

UK, 2018, Carl Hunter. Drama/Mystery, 91 mins (12A)

15 January 2020

Woman At War (90%)

Halla, a music teacher by day, becomes a determined environmental activist as she takes on her local aluminium factory and its owners.

Iceland, 2017, Benedikt Erlingsson. Adventure/Comedy/Drama, 101 mins (12A)

22 January 2020

Children Of The Snow Land (85%)

In the mountain villages of Nepal, children have to leave their families at an early age in order to gain a formal education. Some of them now return home to meet the parents and siblings they have not seen in years.

UK/Nepal, 2018, Balfour and Stephenson. Documentary, 97 mins (PG)

5 February 2020

American Animals (75%)

Four students mistake their lives for a movie as they plan to steal rare and valuable books from the university’s library.

UK/USA, 2018, Bart Layton. Biography/Crime/Drama, 116 mins (15)

26 February 2020

Capernaum (78%)

While serving a five-year sentence for committing a violent crime, a 12-year-old boy decides to sue his parents for neglect.

Lebanon/France/USA, 2018, Nadine Labaki. Drama,103 mins (15)

4 March 2020

Leave No Trace (71%)

A man and his thirteen-year-old daughter are living an ideal existence deep within an urban park in Portland, Oregon. When spotted by a passer-by, their lives change forever.

USA/Canada, 2018, Debra Granik. Drama, 109 mins (PG)

Sadly, these five films had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 lockdown:

Wajib,  The Heiresses,  Bait,  If Beale Street Could Talk  and  Faces, Places



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