Our 46th film season:

10 September 2014

Nebraska (84%)

Bittersweet tale of fragile old-timer Woody, who thinks he is to become a lottery millionaire; and a son trying to get through to a father he doesn’t understand.

USA, 2013, Alexander Payne. Adventure/Comedy/Drama, 115 mins (15)

17 September 2014

Ilo Ilo (66%)

Portrait of a middle-class family’s struggles during the Asian economic crisis of the late 90’s. A Filipino maid’s presence becomes the focal point of tensions within the family.

Singapore, 2013, Anthony Chen. Drama, 99 mins (12A)

1 October 2014

Le Passé (77%)

Ahmad reunites with estranged wife Marie in Paris to sign their divorce papers. He finds she has a new partner who has a young son and a wife in a coma.

France/Iran, 2013, Asghar Farhadi. Drama/Mystery, 130 mins (12A)

8 October 2014

The Great Beauty (62%)

Raucous tale of journalist Jep Gambardella who has lavishly spent decades charming his way through the nightlife of Rome, but his 65th birthday coincides with a shock from the past.

Italy, 2013, Paolo Sorrentino. Comedy/Drama, 142 mins (15)

22 October 2014

The Selfish Giant (69%)

Two young boys scrabble to survive on a poor Bradford estate. They begin working for a local scrap dealer until tensions build, leading to a tragic transformative event. Based loosely on Oscar Wilde’s fable.

UK, 2013, Clio Barnard. Drama, 91mins (15)

12 November 2014

The Lunchbox (90%)

A mistake by Mumbai’s lunchbox delivery service leads to a relationship between a lonely widower and an unhappy housewife as they begin exchanging notes through the daily lunchbox.

India/France, 2013, Ritesh Batra. Drama/Romance, 104 mins (PG)

7 January 2015

The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared (83%)

A 100-year-old man decides to leave his care home and embark on another adventure. For a century he has made the world uncertain and now he is on the looses again.

Sweden, 2013, Felix Herngren. Adventure/Comedy, 114 mins (15)

28 January 2015

Dallas Buyers Club (79%)

1980’s Dallas: Racist, homophobic electrician Ron Woodroof lives a life of heavy smoking, drugs and casual sex. When diagnosed with AIDS and told by doctors he will die, he works around the system to help patients get the medication they need.

USA, 2013, Jean-Marc Vallée. Biography/Drama, 117 mins (15)

25 February 2015 (Classic Movie – Derek Goddard memorial film)

The Lady Eve (72%)

Romantic comedy with Henry Fonda and Barbara Stanwyck. Returning from a trip up the Amazon, rich but unsophisticated Charles Pike falls in love with con-artist Jean, but a misunderstanding causes them to split on bad terms.

USA, 1941, Preston Sturges. Romance/Comedy, 103 mins (U)

18 March 2015

Omar (83%)

A Palestinian baker regularly climbs the separation wall to meet his girlfriend. By night he risks his life to attack the Israeli military.

Palestine, 2013, Hany Abu-Assa. Crime/Drama/Romance, 96 mins (15)

25 March 2015

The Double (49%)

The life of a nerdy office clerk is overturned by the appearance of a gregarious doppelganger. He finds his identity being eaten away by this double, possessing all the charisma, confidence and charm that he lacks.

UK, 2013, Richard Ayoade. Comedy/Drama/Mystery, 93 mins (15)

8 April 2015

Les Salauds (36%)

Captain Marco Silvestri is called back to Paris after his brother-in-law commits suicide, then targets the man believed to have caused it. But he hasn’t planned for the secrets of his sister.

France/Germany, 2013, Claire Denis. Drama/Romance, 100 mins (18)

15 April 2015

The Wind Rises (76%)

Inspired by the life of innovative WWII Zero fighter plane designer Jiro Horikoshi, this Studio Ghibli animation includes the weighty issues of conflict, destruction and death.

Japan, 2013, Hayao Miyazaki. Animation/Biography/Drama, 126 mins (PG)

6 May 2015 (Members’ Choice)

Birdman or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance (64%)

A washed-up actor, famous for playing a superhero, attempts to revive his career by writing, directing and starring in a Broadway production.

USA, 2014, Alejandro G. Iñárritu. Comedy/Drama, 119 mins (15)

13 May 2015

Ida (82%)

Anna, a young novitiate nun in 1960’s Poland, is on the verge of taking her vows when she goes to visit her only living relative and discovers a dark family secret dating back to the years of Nazi occupation.

Poland, 2013, Pawel Pawlikowski. Drama, 80 mins (12A)


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