Our 44th film season:

5 September 2012

Carancho (53%)

Sosa is a lawyer who tours hospitals and police stations in search of potential clients for car accident insurance claims.

Argentina/Chile, 2010, Pablo Trapero. Crime/Drama/Romance, 107 mins (15)

19 September 2012

Monsieur Lazhar (84%)

After a popular school teacher commits suicide, an Algerian immigrant is drafted in as a replacement.

Canada, 2011, Philippe Falardeau. Comedy/Drama, 95 mins (12A)

3 October 2012

How To Re-Establish A Vodka Empire (54%)

Documentary following the director’s journey in tracking down his Jewish ancestors who fled their homeland to escape the Bolsheviks – and relaunching the family vodka factory in the Ukraine.

UK/Ukraine, 2012, Daniel Edelstyn. Documentary/History, 75 mins (12A)

10 October 2012

We Have A Pope (64%)

Following the contentious election of a new Pope, the chosen one is horrified and rejects the role – to the consternation of the Vatican and his own therapist.

Italy/France, 2011, Nanni Moretti. Comedy/Drama, 102 mins (PG)

31 October 2012

Point Blank (71%)

Samuel, a male nurse, saves the life of a thief whose henchman takes Samuel’s wife hostage to force him to spring their boss.

France, 2010, Fred Cavayé. Action/Crime/Drama, 81 mins (15)

14 November 2012

Goodbye First Love (51%)

A chronicle of the romance between a young couple, which begins during their adolescence and picks up again after an eight-year absence.

France/Germany, 2011, Mia Hansen-Løve. Drama/Romance, 110 mins (15)

9 January 2013

The Princess Of Montpensier (64%)

France, 1562: set against the savage Catholic/Protestant wars that are ripping France apart, based on a novella by Madame de Lafayette.

France/Germany, 2010, Bertrand Tavernier. Action/Drama/History, 139 mins (15)

23 January 2013

Man Without A Cell Phone (49%)

A village is in dispute over the installation of a cellphone mast, with the radiation fears uniting people to express their contempt.

Israel/Belgium/France, 2010, Sameh Zoabi. Comedy/Drama, 83 mins (PG)

13 February 2013 (Classic Movie)

La Grande Illusion (78%)

During WWII, two French soldiers are captured and imprisoned in a German POW camp. After several escape attempts they are sent to a seemingly inescapable fortress.

France, 1937, Jean Renoir. Drama/War, 113 mins (U)

27 February 2013

The Kid With A Bike (77%)

Abandoned by his father, a young boy is left in a state-run hostel. In a random act of kindness, the town’s  hairdresser agrees to foster him at weekends.

Belgium/France/Italy, 2011, Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne. Drama, 87 mins (12A)

13 March 2013

In A Better World (90%)

The lives of two Danish families cross and an extraordinary, but risky, friendship grows.

Denmark/Sweden, 2010, Susanne Bier. Drama/Romance, 118 mins (15)

27 March 2013

The Well-Digger’s Daughter (85%)

In 1930’s southern France, a father is torn between his sense of honour and his deep love for his daughter after she gets into trouble with the wealthy son of a shopkeeper.

France, 2011, Daniel Auteuil. Drama/Romance, 107 mins (PG)

10 April 2013

Le Havre (67%)

When an African boy arrives by cargo ship in the port city of Le Havre, an ageing shoe-shiner takes pity on the child and welcomes him into his home.

Finland/France/Germany, 2011, Aki Kaurismäki. Comedy/Drama, 93 mins (PG)

17 April 2013

A Separation (69%)

A married couple are faced with the difficult decision whether to improve the life of their child by moving to another country or stay in Iran and look after a deteriorating parent with Alzheimer’s.

Iran/France, 2011, Asghar Farhadi. Drama, 123 mins (PG)

1 May 2013

Beautiful Lies (69%)

A hairdresser forwards a passionate love letter to her mother.

France, 2010, Pierre Salvadori. Comedy/Romance, 105 mins (12A)


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