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20th February 2019
Frantz – members’ comments
26th March 2019
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Menashe – members’ comments

Comments on Menashe the tenth film of the 50th Season, shown on 27th February 2019

Members’ Rating 59.6%

A – 9 ; B – 25 ; C – 31 ; D – 11 ; E – 2. 78 votes from 139 Members signing in.


A – (excellent): 

Fascinating insight into the community, but also showing the universal themes of love and family and a father trying to get things right for his son against the odds. Really interesting film and great story. Very insightful. So real it was like being there. Thought-provoking. Very compelling: “Acting” superb – very natural. Beautiful but disturbing. Fascinating insight into a closed community.

B – (very good): Fascinating insight into a hidden society. Poignant and wonderfully natural portrayals. A privilege to see into this strange world: Father and boy so good to watch. What a contrast to In Between! A depressing portrayal of Hasidic Judaism. Understatedly very powerful: careful presentation of a very regimented, tightly-controlled community – clash/tension between religious conformity and human emotion. A very interesting film: A good insight into Jewish life at the lower end. An interesting film – took a while to get into it but it won me over: Ungodly religious people, but in their way, they took care of each other. Unbearably painful portrayal of yet another repressive religion. He really was a mensch: Odd camera work – some shots out of focus and very close-up? Felt I was looking through the keyhole into someone’s life, so different to the one I know: The community appears very claustrophobic – rules and regulations controlled and restricted: Felt like Menashe was living a House of Cards – everything/everyone was so interdependent: We have had some very interesting films showing women ;

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