The Firemen’s Ball – members’ comments

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15th January 2019
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20th February 2019
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The Firemen’s Ball – members’ comments

Comments on The Firemen’s Ball, the eighth film of the 50th Season, shown on 16th January 2019

Members’ Rating 52%: A – 10 ; B – 14 ; C – 9 ; D – 16 ; E – 13. 62 votes from 112 members signing in.

A – (excellent): Great Fun. Very funny. Good old-fashioned slapstick humour. Perfect for a cold wet January night! Excellent – wonderfully funny – interesting insight into Communist Czechoslovakia. Wonderful – I haven’t laughed this much in a while! A lovely start to the new year. One of the funniest films yet!! Endearing! Distinct resemblance to present Parliament.

B – (very good): Good film for his time! Good fun. Wonderful satire on Communism. No wonder the director made this film then promptly left for the USA! Terrible acting – which made it even better. Smiled all the way through. Took me back to my childhood in the parish of St.Peter’s, Jersey. Even the uniforms were the same. What a bunch of characters. Like a long version of Dad’s Army, only set in a fire station. Bit of its time, enjoyable all the same. Warm-hearted, innocent and funny. What a joy to discover this early work of a master of cinema. Nothing changes! Very funny – fantastic facial expressions! Enjoyed being taken into the Czechoslovakian town – very real local people. Nice and dated – and amusing. A sweet funny film. Quite a surprising structure (with all the chaos halfway through and then a slow wind down to the end). Made me want to see more films from this part of the world. This was a good one, the kind of film I love to discover at the Film Club. Thanks.

C – (good):  While looking pretty visually, this really wasn’t that funny for me. Had moments but just…eh? I enjoyed the band and the music. Very funny in parts but too slow in others. Very natural. Amusing. Curate’s egg – good in parts! Dated of course but interesting to see an early work of a distinguished director. Funny film. The film does reflect the humour of the 1960s. Funny and sad – on many levels.

D – (fair): Maybe something was lost in translation. A very unfunny film. And sexist in parts. Could not be made today. Not my cup of tea, but lots of people around me were enjoying it, given the laughter. The humour was dated – of its time. Not a classic comedy. Bunch of silly old men. How times have changed – thank goodness. Apart from a few comical moments, I found the dialogues unnecessarily long-winded. Potentially due to poor translation/subtitles. Dad’s Army meets Carry On film and a bit drawn out, dated. But probably apt for the time. Funny and uncomfortable viewing in equal parts – in itself this is an unusual combination. Funny at times but looks a little dated now. One you have to think about. Very funny in parts but wasn’t if I should have been laughing. Glad it was short. Wasn’t my favourite film, horrified by the sexism. Mildly amusing but very much slapstick humour. Maybe something was lost in translation but very dated and laboured. A film very much of its time and it’s not aged well. Hard to see its merits in the age of Me Too. Not a classic for me I’m afraid. Weird – didn’t really enjoy it – just shouting unpleasant people. I did laugh in bits. OK – not my sort of film – a few (un)funny moments – rather wish I stayed @ home and got on with my ironing! A curiosity of a film from a distant era. However it did give me a bit of a laugh on a eneving when I badly needed one. (Don’t mention the ‘B’ word).

E – (poor): Good polite comedy – no swearing! The film is billed as a comedy and a satire. To me, it was irritatingly silly, making it almost impossible to appreciate anything satirical. I could find no redeeming features. Thank God it was short! Not my sense of humour! The years have not been kind: if ever I’d thought this funny, I surely do not now – slow, creaking, heavy-handed. No classic this but an embarrassing piece of ‘nostalgia’. Not funny, I don’t get why it was chosen. A bad Carry On film – disappointing selection 🙁 I thought it’s supposed to be funny. I really didn’t like this film. Far from a classic, just a bit cringy. Terrible! Tedious and sadly dated. Wouldn’t get beyond the script these days. Apologies, not my choice. Found it dry, uninspiring, long-winded and dull. Awful.






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