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12th February 2018
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Lady Macbeth – members’ comments

Lady Macbeth was shown on 21 February 2018

Members’ rating: 72.8%

A – 18, B – 130, C – 16, D – 31, E – 1 (68 votes from 116 members signing in).

Members’ comments:
A (excellent)

Brilliantly gripping: I had no idea what to expect so I really was on the edge of my seat! Quiet but highly-charged ‘dark’ but beautifully coloured, Florence Pugh showed great maturity for her 21 years. A bit of a shocker. A compelling story: well-acted and plausible: thank you. The exquisite lack of music intensified every other sound and heightened the drama. Acting, direction etc. excellent, but I don’t think I would want to watch it again! Throughout most of the film I was unsure of what to make of it, however at the end, I really began to appreciate it: I liked how it made you feel unsure of how to feel about the main characters: also second film in a row with a great cat! Definitely one of the most interesting films this season. Amazing and unforgettable. Totally absorbing, beautifully filmed: so many scenes seemed like I was looking at an oil painting: Florence Pugh was superb! A different, spell-binding film. Great lead actor. Great acting, especially by Florence Pugh – gripping film. Dark and compelling. Loved it: beautiful acting, atmospheric and subtle: very grateful that the violence was muted by today’s standards. Fascinating film watching the main character change from being sympathetic into being evil. Last night I didn’t know what to think: it’s the first film ever that I didn’t comment on the feedback slip: After a night’s sleep I think it’s brilliant! It took time to sink into me and now I see it as a masterpiece portrayal of power and as such, it transcends to the present day and has universal truths about trust and positions in society – it was pleasure and pain to notice this only afterwards. Grimly fascinating: Compellingly bleak and sparse cinematography and locations: Performances were good, especially the two female leads Florence Pugh and Naomi Ackie. What an unexpectedly ‘enjoyable’ film! Faithful to the Russian subtext, this version had hints of its origins in the depictions of the bleak landscape and harsh living conditions: Although it’s not that grim up north! The eponymous character was truly a femme fatale par excellence: Pugh’s performance was perfection; captivating, mesmerising and gruesome: Barely off screen, she took the audience with her through her mixture of emotions and traumatic times, from arranged loveless marriage, utterly lonesome and vulnerably isolated to psychotic poisonous vixen, sex-mad obsessive and ultimately despotic serial-killer: Thrilling beyond words: Anna’s elective mutism and eventual arrest made her the ultimate victim… closely followed by Teddy whose innocence and death by infanticide was extraordinarily shocking; especially as the perpetrator was pregnant: Shudderingly sickening.
The lasting image of Lady MacBeth, victorious in her reign of terror could have only been improved if the sphinx like cat put in a final scene stealing appearance: A fascinating film.

B (very good)

Great atmosphere: story full of surprises. I would like to see her fall. Very well acted: the story based on an old theme! Bit slow at first, but gripping. Much darker than anticipated, but that was a good thing : a real gem. Ooh la la – Lady Macbeth? An unexpectedly engaging and visually stunning and disturbing film. Very dark, but good. Lady Chatterley+++ a very dark film, slow but grimly fascinating: well crafted and acted. Good portrait of pure evil. Very good acting: lovely scenery but slow. Brilliant tale of doomed love: kind of like a British Haneke. Disturbingly good. Darkly compelling. Amazing acting, cinematography very very good. Disturbing. Cold, austere, well shot, thought-provoking, strong but simple. Shocking, powerful, disturbing: I think I enjoyed it: still stunned. Very strong performance by Florence Pugh who turned out not to be the heroine we thought at the start. A great performance by the female lead, but hard to watch such a harrowing story line.

C  (good)

Interesting, but it became very melodramatic and it was let down by the ending. What happened in the end? Why didn’t Anna point the finger at her at the end? Why would she take the rap for her? Definitely a lot more interesting than your average period drama: chilling and strange. Poor horse and child. Beautifully shot film about a lonely and unsympathetic group of people: difficult to care about them. That got her a good fortune: is she now going to kill her half-caste baby? Very atmospheric: Florence Pugh really excellent. I’ve seen better: I’ve seen worse: not a date movie! Didn’t speak to me: nothing special. A sorry little tale – well acted and shot – but did it really need to be told? Weirdly compelling. It’s always the quiet ones that are the most trouble… What a woman!

D (fair)

Good acting I suppose: Thérèse Raquin?

E (poor)

Interesting themes on survival and independence and strong performances, however so bleak and oppressive with no respite: I hated it. We would have walked out but it was too quiet and we didn’t want to disturb others.


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