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11th October 2018
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Lady Bird – members’ comments

Lady Bird was shown on 17 October 2018.

Members’ rating 74.6%: A – 20, B – 25, C – 11, D – 32, E – 2.
61 votes from 117 members signing in.

Members’ comments on Lady Bird – the fifth film in our 50th Season, shown on 17th October 2018.

Members’ Rating 74.6%: A – 20 ; B – 25 ; C – 11 ; D – 3 ; E – 2. 61 votes from 117 members signing in

A – (excellent) I laughed, I cried, I smiled, mostly, I laughed though. Loved this! Great honesty – love isn’t always easy. Nice to see a coming of age film with characters that are actually believable! A marvellous coming of age movie. Saoirse Ronan obviously superlative. So true to life! Fantastic film. Waited to see this at film club. All life is here! Heartwarming, uplifting and bitter sweet. It took me back to my eldest daughter when growing up. Made me laugh. Made me cry. What’s not to like? Plot a bit too predictable but the brilliant acting made up for it. Smart, funny and touching. Lovely depictions of mother-daughter relationship and teenage friendships. Amazing. Beautifully observed and impeccable actors. A little close to home at times! Very relevant – as a parent of teenagers. Great fun. Funny and moving – excellent choice. Very well acted and so true to life of a teenager. It much reminded me of my own 3 granddaughters! Nice gentle film. Better than I expected – good film to watch with me teenage daughter. Great story about mother daughter relationship and coming of age – Brilliant!

B – (very good) Very entertaining with beautiful acting by the lead characters – a sassy heroine/anti-heroine. Entertaining, good characters. It made me realise how difficult it is to be a teenager and mother. Missed a lot of dialogue. Lovely film. Good portrayal of Catholic angst. Well handled, enjoyable coming of age film. Reflected an ordinariness without being schmaltzy. All the characters were believable. Wanted to be an individual when she belonged, but wanted to belong when she had freedom. Not the film I was expecting but an emotional revisit to teenage life and angst. Excellent performances from the leads and a well observed story clearly close to the director’s heart. Painful to watch. The inability of mother and daughter to communicate but moving and ultimately uplifting. It kept my attention. Did I miss the nudity! Another Members’ Choice reject from last season – why have a vote if we end up watching them all anyway? Second time I’ve watched it and much preferred the cinema experience version. I want to be young again! While not quite the 10/10 masterpiece everyone says it is, this is a fantastic, funny, well acted and overall very nice flick. Terrific acting – interesting to watch the mother and daughter interact in such a funny but harsh way. Oh to be 17 again with your hormones jumping about… Wonderful performance from the lady actors. Very relatable, artistic and captivating. A good coming of age film – funny and moving. Also illustrated how you never get away from your roots. Good acting generally. At last a US high school/coming of age film that wasn’t yucky. Warm, funny, affecting, real. Well observed portrayal of the tensions between mother and daughter.

C – (good) What a mixed up life portrayed. A case for a psychologist. I was expecting it to be funnier but it was very moving at the end. Kept me mildly entertained on a Wednesday evening – but no different to many coming-of-age stories. Always thought that the lite in the US were all Protestants! Good performances but thought the story was a bit of a well-trodden path. Really identified with the teen/mum dynamic, but almost felt the film should have been about the mum. I give it a ‘c’ for ‘cheesy’. But sometimes we need cheesy. Performances excellent, but overall not as interesting as many other coming of age films. Loved the positive portrayal of all the school staff. To me, the film was OK, but a bit of a mess with too many short and rapidly-switching scenes: I read the plot beforehand and that helped only a little to follow what was going on: the only characters that seemed to come out well were Lady Bird’s father and Julie: also, finally free from her mother, there was also hope for Lady Bird.

D – (fair) Predictable coming of age film up to the end – “A good film for insomniacs.” Disappointed me. Not sure what the point was, just arguments with our mothers?

E – (poor) I thought it extremely dull. Facile ending. American accents almost indecipherable for the main part. Didn’t click with me.


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