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6th May 2019
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Isle of Dogs – members’ comments

Isle of Dogs was shown on 8 May, 2019 Members’ Rating 73.4%: A - 26 ; B - 17 ; C - 8 ; D - 6 ; E – 5. 62 votes from 97 members signing in.

Comments on Isle of Dogs, the fnal film of the 50th Season, shown on 8th May 2019.

Members’ Rating 73.4%: A – 26 ; B – 17 ; C – 8 ; D – 6 ; E – 5. 62 votes from 97 members signing in.


A – (excellent)

I love the film club! This is another film I wouldn’t normally see and it was just brilliant: So different, loved the music, totally absorbing. Brilliantly animated, wonderful music and very funny as well. What an amazing film, such imagination, loved the drumming music, very clever: Great film to end on: Five stars *****. Terrific, only a pity that Tracey was American! Delightfully original, amazing animation: I thoroughly enjoyed it. Original, entertaining, great music and excellent animation. I loved this film: very different with plenty of giggles and exactly why I belong to the Chiltern Film Society. Possibly the best film of the season that wasn’t called Shoplifters, brilliant animation, story and characters: engaging too. Lots of quirky details, beautifully animated, well voiced, plenty of charm: I absolutely loved it: here’s to season 51!!! Very different and creative: Lovely. Wonderfully strange. Delightful end of the season – thank you! Very enjoyable – amazing animation. Amazing animation with an interesting story. An inspired choice of final film: Fantastic social commentary with subtle humour: Brilliant! Great fun. I didn’t anticipate I’d enjoy this but was very pleasantly surprised: wry and humorous: Excellent! Fantastic film. A remarkable film with wonderful animation. Just great! Not just about dogs obviously! So well done, brilliant. Ingenious.

B – (very good)

Homage to Japanese cartoons, but not the same vein as Miyazaki: interesting themes of overpopulation, waste, pollution, with good humour. May be some time before I can look a platter of sushi in the eye again…very creative and inventive: I enjoyed it: A good family film – maybe not adult enough for this audience? In relation to Americanism, this indeed felt like a very international film – liked how different languages were mingled. Very different, clever, Scarlett Johansen mother of the puppies? Liked the colours and the amusing subtitles (“end of flashback”): However, I felt it was rather too long – though that may have been the heat in the theatre. As usual, Wes Anderson creates a uniquely personal world. Most unusual, also very entertaining. Weird but great. Very enjoyable end to the season: Not my favourite, but nice to see something different. An unusual animation, very well done. Hilarious – great end to the season: Thanks all on the committee – great work! Very suitable for rounding off a good season. 

C – (good) T

Wonderful animation but too long. Too long, not very funny, ok. Clever animation. Animation wonderful: Hard to follow, disjointed: Enjoyed other films more. Very cleverly done but a very long 101 minutes! Good idea and interesting, original but could have been better: Pace too samey.  Brilliant animation and wonderful artwork, but a silly idea. 

D – (fair)

I had no idea what this was about and I didn’t care. Tried to enjoy it: Perhaps a cartoon familiarity would help: Appreciated script but ultimately tedious. Different, vibrant, lots to take in: Cleverly done, some funny bits: Not my favourite, far too hot! Whimsical tale about dog discrimination? Loved the music, beautifully made. 

E – (poor)

Confusing, boring and almost fell asleep – sorry! Disappointing: my eyes were telling me to sleep. Was it made to be fun? Wish CFS would give up on animation, there’s a world of really good films out there and Isle of Dogs wasn’t one of them. “F” for fail: Terrible! Couldn’t wait for it to be over!!


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