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1st February 2019
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11th March 2019
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In Between – members’ comments

In Between was shown on 6 February, 2019 Members’ Rating 80.2%: A - 43 ; B – 39 ; C - 16 ; D - 3 ; E - 0. 101 votes from 131 Members signing in.

Comments on In Between, the ninth film of the 50th Season, shown on 6th February 2019

Members’ Rating 80.2%:

A – 43 ; B – 39 ; C – 16 ; D – 3 ; E – 0.
101 votes from 131 Members signing in.


A – (excellent): Best film I have seen since joining the film club: Beautifully portrayed, enlightening, very moving: Wonderful production.Those women need to sort out the firemen from the last film: Fantastic characters. Great music score and acting: Tense – I was worrried for all the girls and glad to see and ending, although at the time lost, hopeful for the future I believe: Strong characters that will survive and continue to help each other. Very engaging, loved the music: I will search the soundtrack. Enjoyed the portrayal of three women coming into their own: Yet again the power politics of men and religion holding women back on controlling them. Oh the terrors of modern life! Power to the women! Point well made over and over: (How many cigarettes do they smoke a day?!): One of the best films this season for sure. A very daring film: I loved the use of the dialogue – very little was said but it spoke volumes, dealt with very difficult issues brilliantly. The girls’ dilemma is unresolved: their imprisonment in male dominance finds no freedom in a modern and wayward life: A grown-up film. Enjoyed film very much: A treatise on male hypocrisy: Great music. A revealing portrayal of the repression of women daring to display their independence: Excellent mood/music/setting. A wonderful film: The story may have been set in the Middle East, but the themes of rape, forbidden love and liberation are universal. Modern Palestinian version of the old Jewish tale: Fiddler on the Roof. “For the family who made me the way I am!”: Love it and hurray to sisterhood. Great insight into the city and its people – the men are far more traditional than the women! Wonderful acting: Great themes very beautifully explored: Really good! Very interesting – cultural, generational differences: Enjoyed it very much. Grateful to have a window on such a different world and to see the choices and conflicts the women faced so brilliantly dramatised. Should be complusive viewing in every mosque. Brilliant and very atmospheric of old Tel Aviv: Female actors fab. A brilliant, thought-provoking film: The contrast between the cultures could not have been more stark: The rape scene was shocking: It illustrated the situation of so many females. Well I’ve never been to Tel Aviv, so it was a lively insight into the life of the young generation there! Very powerful but really good drama. Sublime and moving – magnificent portrait of women in a very complex society: Great direction and amazing cast – thank you. Didn’t want it to end! Fascinating insight into another world. Covered a lot of bases – great film and soundtrack. Loved it: Tender, edgy and funny. Ticked all the boxes. Thought-provoking, entertatining, disruptive. Another corker: Great cinematography: Loved the soundtrack. A fantastic film giving an insight into life as a 21st century woman in Tel Aviv and the ever present traditional expectations versus modern freedoms. Interesting mix of cultures in Tel Aviv. Powerful. Excellent! Powerful and hopeful: Makes me ashamed to be male . An insight into a different world: A the same time, so many similarities: Funny, brutal, and tender all at once. Powerful. Great subject matter – so glad I’m not Palestinian: Brilliant acting too. Wonderful – brave film-making. A very poignant piece with strong messages and creative cinematography. Empowering, moving film which has made me laugh and cry. Girl power and lots of smoking. A bit scary but got better and better. A brilliant film showing the struggles of three completely women against the restrictions of their own backgrounds and cultures: I want to see the film again: I was surprised at how free and easy Palestinians appear to live their lives in Israel, occupying good jobs, attending universities, and travelling around without restrictions: This seemed at odds with the usual depiction of Jewish-state repression against Palestinians.

B – (very good): Well produced film and an insight into another culture: A great choice, CFS. A fascinating insight into life in Tel Aviv showing the double standards of younger and older generations: Loved the music but far too much smoking. Disturbing – they never seem to be free: A good film: I liked the relationship between the three girls: bloody MEN! A bit slow in parts, but very moving about the struggles of women. Extremely thought-provoking: An eye-opener into modern Tel Aviv culture. Too much smoking! The rest excellent. Fascinating contrast between liberal and conservative attitudes on both sides of the religious spectrum. A startling contrast between the hedonistic and free lifestyle of the young and the traditional expectations of a patriarchal society for them. Good characters and good music: The difference between the young partygoers and the old generation and dominance of men over women. A slow start but great insight into a very interesting and moving film. Powerful and enjoyable but let down by rape scene: Could have dealt with same issue differently. Interesting but some difficult and shocking scenes. Vivid slice of life caught between contrasting worlds: Feisty young women! Very confident first-time director: Hope to see more films from her in the future. Great characters: Really picked up the pace: Makes you think about the cultural mix. Exhausting just to watch. How sad and lonely progress can be a lovely film: But don’t they smoke a lot?! This film was very well acted but I found it disturbing on two counts: The drug-taking on such a scale and in contrast the very strict family code: But the friendship of the three girls seems to overcome all that and they form a strong hand of friendship. Three realistic, if extreme, characters trying to find their way in a changing world, sympatheticially portrayed. Tough subjects, worth telling in film: The music is excellent. Glad I’m an old fogey at 61. Really interesting: Good to challenge our perspectives: Thoroughly enjoyed it. Gripping and awful, Wonderfully acted, totally believable – except the ending: Very entertaining: Very wrong and dispppointing ending though. Strong story, horrifically strong culture! It took me a while to engage with the characters, but I was really rooting for them by the end: A difficult watch in parts. A very powerful and at times disturbing tale into a world I’m not familiar with: Very effective. Very interesting: Captured the plight of the religious differences and culture: Shocking in parts, but necessary. A touch too loud and disappointingly focussed on drugs: Beautiful women, though, and real challenges. Such a mix of cultures and such a difficult world for young women to managed when women are finding their voice. Enjoyed the movie, humour and story. How brave of the director to make this film: More women need to stand up against this oppression. Very interesting insight into the problems of cross-cultural interactions and changing attitudes: The characters felt so real and one entered into their pain as one understood their situations. Wish I’d counted how many cigarettes were used in the making of this film.

C – (good): Classic CFS: The soundtrack was the beating heart of the film. Men don’t change! Dont think I’ll go to Tel Aviv. Don’t see a future for them! Was very confused as to who was Jewish – if it was the girl whose parents gave the dinner gathering, why was there a picture of Mary and Jesus on the wall? Too much smoking! At last, through the fog of cigarette smoke, this film had somethig to say, but would have found more compelling a tour of Tel Aviv’s Bauhaus architecture… Slow but interesting mix of culture and societal influences: Strangely more western (liberal) than the West (that I know!) The stories are well put together, but only showed a very small bit of their lives together. Good insight into popular culture in Tel Aviv: Shocking!

D – (fair): Somewhat tedious in the first half especially – you could almost smell that smoke in the auditorium: Interesting comment on men’s attitudes to women (borderline D/C vote). Well made but the same old isues in a different diaspora. Not to my liking: Too many cliches and stereotypes.

E – (poor): (no comments/ratings).


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