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13th April 2018
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Hotel Salvation – members’ comments

Hotel Salvation was shown on 25 April 2018

Members’ rating 63.25%. A – 8, B – 25, C – 27, D – 4, E – 2. 66 votes from 112 members signing in.

Members’ comments

A (excellent): Loved it: not sure why! Thanks. A mental, spiritual and emotional challenge. A charming film: a lovely tale of family relationships and dynamics beautifully told. Wonderful insight into a different culture, with splendid photography but too slow moving for me. So natural, hard to believe they were acting to a script: no wonder they all died in V, drinking that polluted water! Just very lovely. Poignant, touching and great cinematography.


B (very good): A warm and tender humorous take on the inevitable thing that unites us all. Everybody dies one day B+. So fascinating to see into that culture and the juxtaposition of modern world and old customs and beliefs. I’d say the most “alright” film of the season: there were laughs, feelings and a good story but lacked a wow factor. Rather ponderous, but still engaging. The director surely leads us to the salvation of the family in the reconciliation of father and son, son and daughter. An interesting insight into Indian life and death: probably seemed a little slow paced to UK eyes but no doubt a true representation of life as it is in India. Superb acting: I believed all the characters: thought-provoking ideas about how to accept death and live life: very deep for a 26-year-old director! I enjoyed getting some insights into another culture. Very good local colour, family relationships and religion: plot occasionally confusing. Slow, but worthwhile and interesting. A powerful and emotive choice: well done all those who voted for it! Quite funny. Gentle, beautiful, feeding the ducklings was a wonderful simple scene too. Wasn’t sure initially, but a very humane and optimistic film in the end. Moving and poignant. Thought-provoking. Take me to Varanasi!

C (good): Lovely story, but very slow paced. A bit low on the “comedy” bit of the comedy/drama: very atmospheric film with the characters convincing. A bit slow, missing the personal touch. Needed more variety of pace, an interesting view of generational tensions in India. I liked learning about a different culture: very difficult and global topic: parents – huh! Fascinating, but it did drag for me and I found myself waiting for the father to “pop his clogs”! Interesting subject: rather slow. Slow-moving, it was interesting but I felt for the downtrodden son the way I used to feel watching Steptoe and Son. A bit predictable, a bit too long, a bit too slow, a bit not funny enough for an alleged comedy/drama. A great film ruined by a slow pace. Nearly very good: just a bit too slow and not emotionally engaging until the end. A journey of discovery for them and us: a different cultural perspective on a difficult subject: a bit slow: I expected Salvation to come for me! Loved Paul’s intro to the film: I think next season he should narrate a foreign language subtitled film! Very good insight into a different culture, lovely to see a family’s different generations living together and dealing with the issues around death: I liked it. A very thoughtful film that teaches us about another culture’s attitude to life and death. Interesting to learn about their values and traditions, although a little slow. Very slow but informative: wouldn’t want to watch it again: a few moving scenes, deathbed scene and father and son chat about afterlife by Ganges. A bit slow, but interesting to see the way of life. A bit boring, but the old dad was obviously bored with life: rather sad I thought, interesting to see a bit of India: didn’t make me want to go there.

D (fair): Boring, too slow. Slow moving and the humour was difficult to find, although the setting was interesting.

E (poor): Very slow-moving with little humour: yawn! Boring – the committee do a much better job of choosing films than the members!


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