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11th March 2019
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Frantz – members’ comments

Frantz was shown on 13 February, 2019 Members’ Rating 82.9%: A - 37 ; B – 27 ; C - 11 ; D - 1 ; E - 0. 76 votes from 104 members signing in.

Comments on Frantz, the eleventh film of the 50th Season, shown on 13th March 2019.

Members’ Rating 82.9%:

A – 37 ; B – 27 ; C – 11 ; D – 1 ; E – 0. 76 votes from 104 Members signing in.

A – (excellent).The best film (I joined the film society 50 years ago). I really enjoyed this film – very atmospheric with the black and white versus colour filming: Was the colour showing “hope”? Possibly the best film of the season: Just be careful with what you write in the email newsletter not to give away spoilers. Wonderful and emotional – very clever – glad it ended with the colour scene. Wonderful and moving film. One of the most beautiful films I have ever seen! A beautiful, haunting story accompanied by similarly haunting soundtrack: Interesting to see both perspectives of the war: Colour signifed new life. A beautiful film! Most moving, meaningful and heart-rending: One could identify with all members: Best this year: Colour = emotional awakening? Hard-hitting, questioning cliffhanger and tear-jerker: The colour sections – what could have been. It showed humanity in its many guises: Of the time. Perfect – acting, writing, film techniques and direction: Brought tragedy of war down to immediate personal level of pain and waste: An emotional rollercoaster for the protagonist and those watching: Colour scenes – the past is always rosy! I think the moments of colour symbolise the moments of transitory, insubstantial and often unreal happiness: Without experiencing depth of sadness, you can’t appreciate happiness. Emotive portrayal of the human side of war. Great portrayal of the aftermath of war: A great improvement on most of the films this season. Intense and gripping – wanted a different ending! But very good and enjoyable. Colour – flashbacks: Interesting to reflect on human impact of war. Psychological development of characters and relationships expertly portrayed. Beautiful film: When Frantz dies, the world lost its colour: Memories (even triggered by lies) brought the colour back momentarily. The nicest film I’ve seen for many years. Beautifully crafted: very cleverly woven. Great film with so many twists in the story: Relationship doomed from the start. A wonderful, moving film: The colour senes were all fiction – in the mind or dreams. Excellent! Intriguing, elegaic, deeply moving: How is it that black and white cinematography is so much more evocative? Enjoyed it very much: A very emotional and involving story: Colour = joy? No more divided Europe!!! Please, no Brexit: Colour is hope? Moving film, beautifully played, especially by Paula Beer: Colour = happy times. Not an action film, but a beautiful and sad story. Beautiful and uplifting: Colour scenes – what might have been? A very moving film about life and war. Very moving, several twists, excellent acting.

B – (very good) I enjoyed the plot: less convinced about the use of black and white versus colour. An unusual story with a twist: Beautifully shot and well acted: I thought the colour scenes were their imagination. A lovely film: The colour was all a lie. Nicely paced film: Was I the only one who thought “Follow the bear” every time the Hoffmeister were mentioned? P.S. The colour scenes were a load of old piffle from the director. Anna the young German woman played an excellent part in this film. The use of colour represents the imagination, lies, contrasting with the black and white of real life. A beautiful portrayal of loss and life and how we cope with it. Very interesting idea well explored: No idea about the colour. Very moving film with very deep emotions: The colour reflects fantasy. Beautifully shot, the minimal use of colour effectively conveying the glimpse of lover life suppressed by the pain of war and its aftermath. Beautifully shot and wonderfully acted: Although slightly depressing, a hopeful mesage at the end on forgiveness and moving on. Sweet, moving, sad, but also a bit frustrating: Terrific acting and lovely music. Excellent first half but struggled to get an ending. Enjoyed this film, beautifully made, very atmospheric, moving love story. A period, romantic tragedy by a Frenchman: lovely! Sensitive and a good story but could have been improved by being a bit shorter: Lots of scenes were superfluous. Left me mystified about the reality after war. Necessary lies – but did it go on too long – was a perfect start but story stretched too far. A very sad story with an optimistic ending: A moving and emotional experience: The colour scenes probably showed life and hope. Biggest surprise of the season so far: Fascinating and brilliant. Powerful portrait of the people behind the fallen and how they were (not) coping: Glad they didn’t go for the Hollywood ending. A different perspective to it all, but still very sad. When good/happy things happened to them, the film went into colour: In Tess of the D’urbervilles by Hardy, when bad things happened to Tess, the weather was bad and when life was good, the weather was good. Colour = “joie de vivre”: Beautiful! Interesting to see a totally different view of the aftermath of war: Black and white filming very poignant: Very commendable to keep secret from Frantz’s parents, saving them from more heartbreak. A love story that illustrates the futility of war: Moving.

C – (good) Painful, long and frustrating – wonderful. Good performances and nicely shot – thought there would be more twists than there were: A bit slow for me but an interesting film to have in these times of Brexit. A very sad story: A love story: Great acting from the female lead: Colour film for dreamy scenes. Sad story, kept you thinking what the possible outcome would be: unusual but enjoyable. A very interesting film: many themes, kept you guessing, couldn’t be pigeon-holed. An unexpected outcome: lots of twists and turns, many sad farewells on the train: Was sad and did have a little tear in my eye: Was the colour when lies were told? Slow, long, interesting, touching, sentimental, almost really good! Colour means happiness! Colour brought it “alive”.

D – (fair) (one rating, no comment)

E – (poor) (no comments/ratings)


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