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30th September 2018
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A Fantastic Woman – members’ comments

A Fantastic Woman shown on 3 October.

Members’ rating 85.9%: A – 37, B – 20, C – 5, D – 2, E – 0.
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A: (excellent)

A fantastic film. Very moving film, yet another I wouldn’t have seen if it wasn’t for the film society: thank you: P.S. please ignore the comment in last week’s feedback: we love the introductions. Well, she really was a fantastic woman! An excellent portrayal of the challenges faced when someone is different from the norm. A beautiful film – scenically and emotionally: depicting the utter isolation brought upon one person: I entered into the character, so skilfully done. A very well-deserved Oscar: emotional and brilliant. The best this season. Incredibly moving film, amazing acting, totally inque experience. Rare film, beautiful photography: sensitive presentation of different subjects. A bold and brave film with a bravura lead performance. A fantastic film! Extremely well done for such a difficult subject: very moving. Thank you, CFS, for showing another film dealing with an often talked about subject: fantastic to see a trans actor in a trans role: hopefully this will have raised further awareness of how the trans community still faces discrimination. Fabulous: very poignant. A beautiful film: the lead actor carried the film very well: best yet this season. Well paced and with the tension between mourning and being seen as an outsider driving the pace: final kiss outside the oven didn’t work though. A fantastic film: more LGBT films please! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger: Marina is the strongest woman I know. The portrayal of how Marina carried herself with such dignity after being treated so appallingly was indeed fantastic: I thought it was wonderful: it moved me to tears. Mesmerising lead performance. A touching love story which showed the pain caused by prejudice against the transgender woman. Fantastic insight into some of the prejudices we have: great voice and beautiful women: great actress. Beautiful character study: the best of this season so far. A very subtle portrayal of transgender reality. A lyrical portrayal of grief in a tragic situation, with so much prejudice for her to face. Absolutely beautiful in every way: one never to be forgotten. Exceptional: beautiful and fantastic! Wonderful acting. Beautifully filmed and acted: a moving but tragic love story. A fantastic film well acted: good to see such a difficult subject delivered so well. A technically brilliant film, sure to be one of the season’s highlights. Powerful, moving film: so angry at the discrimination – wonderful how she rose above it all: so pleased she could grieve, mourn and say goodbye to her partner: Great ending both as “her story” and the beautiful singing: such strength, composure and fortitude. What a performance by the main actress: brave, sad, encouraging: beautiful music. This film made uncomfortable viewing: life must become unpleasant for a mistress (or male equivalent) to lose a partner in a society that continues to pay only lip service to “marriage is for life” – even after a complete breakdown in the relationship: it must become far worse for a transgender person, or anyone else who the family classifies as “abnormal”: the film showed that the “abnormality” can easily become the focus of additional hatred and unpleasantness, particularly from the family: it would take a very strong person to cope: very sad. A superb fim, brilliant acting, script, dog: it had everything.

B: (very good) Great acting, disturbing concept. It held a mirror to humanity and reflected its cruelty and compassion. He and she was beautiful. Didn’t win the Oscar because of the transgender issues? Most of the plot would be the same with a cis woman: beautiful cinematography, some touching/heartbreaking. Well that was a film I wouldn’t normally see: super acting from Marina. A film not as good as it thinks it is – but visually magnificent. Extremely moving feeling: slow in places. Lyrical, touching and sad. Moving performance – understated and brilliantly nuanced. Poignant reminder about discriminating behaviour but lead actress was very breathy! Hard to understand why people are cruel to one another. The actress Marina was brilliant: the film gave a small window into life as a transgender person. Thought-provoking and more so beacuse the actress is transgender: not a film I would normally go to see, but glad I have seen it tonight. Brave performance and important film – acting not the best though. A touching film on the difficulties of confused sexuality.

C: (good) This film shows Chile is far more liberal than I thought and more than Britain too I suspect: a tour de force from Daniela Vega. A strange but interesting piece of film-making, with a lot of non-sequiturs, leaving a sense of dissatisfaction. Another film showing life from the perspective of an oppressed person (like The Breadwinner): interesting: I was worried for the dog!

D: (fair) I think the issue was not being transgender, but the second woman: ok film. Well acted, but CFS another similar genre film.

E: (poor) (no ratings)

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