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3rd November 2018
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Divine Order– members’ comments

Divine Order was shown on 21 November 2018 Members’ rating 87%: A – 43, B - 23, C - 6, D - 1, E - 0. 73 votes from 123 members signing in..

Divine Order was shown on 21 November 2018.

Members’ rating 87%: A – 43, B – 23, C – 6, D – 1, E – 0.
73 votes from 123 members signing in.

Members’ comments on Divine Order – the sixth film in our 50th Season, shown on 21st November 2018.

Members’ Rating 87%: A – 43 ; B – 23 ; C – 6 ; D – 1 ; E – 0. 73 votes from 123 members signing in

A – (excellent) Shocking: 1970s Europa and to mark 100 years ago events here in the UK – and it still feels very relevant!! Was this really a reality in 1970? Shocking! Well crafted story with humour illustrating the very unliberated Swiss women’s struggle for their voice. Really enjoyed this film and her new awakening. Yet again a film that got me angry about men’s treatment of women, but gradually a sense of joy and delight as enlightenment dawned: It makes me believe that we can get the People’s vote: It’s worth fighting for. Brilliant 1970 women’s vote – 2019 People’s vote: a real touching political film: made me angry. Wow, this covered more than one angle of the woman’s power (vote)! It is incredible to think that women got the vote so very late in a country that is so modern in every other way: very well acted and lovely scenery. A brilliant film: Great acting: moved me to tears. An important subject beautifully enhanced by a wonderful thread of comedy. A beautiful film told with humour and movingly: hard to believe it was only so recently as 1970 Swiss women got the right to vote: I didn’t know until this film. My wife now wants a mirror! Yippee! What a wonderful portrayal and so relatively recently! Moving, amusing and very convincing. Serious subject handled very well. Never occurred (?incomplete comment?) Very enjoyable, funny, good acting with great subject matter: best so far . Really, really enjoyed the film: funny, excellent, makes you really think how lucky we are and how far women’s rights have come. Great “tongue-in-cheek” portrayal of an important subject: very well done! Inspiring tale told with a lot of humour: very entertaining. As a woman, I have to say “excellent”: very enjoyable to watch, but almost unimaginable that this was in the 1970’s. Very surprised that Switzerland was so late in giving women the vote: very moving but funny – loved it: best film so far this season. It helps understanding the language! Thoroughly enjoyable. Not my usual choice but interesting subject matter. Very moving at times and very funny: I had no idea the Swiss were so late with the vote for women. Distant memories but we are still trying to learn! Gripping and funny. Really enjoyable film, beautifully cast, fun and yet very serious: one of the best and one that everyone could enjoy. An honest portrayal of the cost of divisions in society. Powerfully moving, but having lived there, there is still much to be done! Perfectly balanced: a celebration of women, their rights and their power, never once being mawkish or shifting into schmaltz. Brilliant film: I loved the way it focused on a small village – a big theme such as the vote for women and how it affected this small and old-fashioned community. Really powerful film. Loved it: should be compulsory viewing in schools to remind young people why voting matters. Maybe not a great film per se, but made some important points in a muted and understated way. Great light-touch, engaging film on a serious subject. A moving story: It still seems amazing that, less than 50 years ago, parts of rural Switzerland were so backward. (But then maybe, so too were ;

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