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16th March 2018
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Clash – members’ comments

Clash was shown on 28 March 2018

Members’ rating 79.2% A – 27, B – 19, C – 9, D – 4, E – 0. 59 votes from 104 members signing in.

Members’ comments

A (excellent) – 

A harrowing portrayal of the Arab Spring. Confinement within the police van amplified the experiential quality and gave a real sense of connection to the characters. Incredible but unfortunately real! Lost for all other words. An uncompromising portrayal of the Arab Spring. Very moving. Powerful, dramatic film with great sense of division concluding in togetherness. Best film so far. Harrowing: at times it felt more like a documentary than a work of fiction. One of the most powerful films I have ever seen: utterly gripping. Clever and brilliant. Claustrophobic, exhausting, thought-provoking. A brilliant docu-drama showing a civil war fuelled by religion. A triumph! Extraordinary, disturbing film. The way it was filmed was fascinating. Masterpiece. Not sure what to say: overwhelming, moving, terrifying and, at times, had flashes of humour. All of humanity: what is wrong with it, and what is right with it packed into this film. You got a real sense of the captivity and terror felt by those locked inside. A very powerful film: all the more so as it is set so recently. A very powerful film: tough to watch: harrowing and moving: I really felt I was trapped too in that truck. Great use of the view from inside the truck the whole time. Truly excellent. Excellent, riveting and engrossing. Brilliantly told and extraordinary perspective and insight into the turmoil of the time. Very realistic: who would want to live in a Muslim country? A fascinating setting used to show the pressure cooker of the Egyptian situation. The way the captives formed their own community and showed some humanity and kindness was enthralling. A dramatic end with the police van community shutting out the mob. Harrowing to see how politics and religion can tear a country apart. Superbly filmed inside this truck, representing a country in turmoil. So realistic. Too well made. Humour and poignance superbly woven together in this wonderful study of humanity and conflict. A claustrophobic thrill ride of intensity. Fantastic lighting and cinematography. Very powerful. My one criticism is one out of place comedic moment. Though a fairly basic concept, the film was executed incredibly.

The rollercoaster of anti-military to anti-MB, to hating anyone outside the truck was thrilling. Definitely a strong contender for film of the season. An amazing film. That’s why I come to CFS: a completely different topic and film. Brilliantly shot and acted. Gripping: felt very real. Filming just in the van worked so well. Gripping, thought-provoking and such mastery of the camera. Loved this. Very engaging, eye-opening, harrowing and even funny. Showing how senseless ideologies are.

B (very good)Harrowing! What a nightmare. Very well done though but I didn’t really understand what happened to them in the end. Harrowing, eye-opening and gripping all at once. Brutal, violent, very informative. Clever concept in the van. Makes you think how privileged we all are. People in truck weren’t going anywhere, nor was my attention: riveting, claustrophobic, frightening but ‘human’. Complex film: courageous and terrifying. More like this please! Very realistic. Well directed. Appeared to be for real. Exhausted me but very impressed by style and characters. I like seeing something different: and it was! Very powerful and claustrophobic film. Very effectively done. Powerful, visceral, made an excellent change. Had the potential to be claustrophobic but instead well filmed: some scenes that didn’t quite fit in with the overall genre but many that were very emotional and redeemed it. Thought- provoking and intelligent concept. Gripping and very tense. Captivating in all senses. Makes Brexit and UK politics look very tame in comparison. Visceral, in-your-face filmmaking, but hard to watch at times. How can a film be so full of joy and so bleak at the same time? Shocking! Very cleverly kept our attention throughout, despite the very limited set. Intense. Relentless. Very interesting on many levels.

C (good) – Very exhausting. Too drawn out and confusing. Remind me not to go on another Nile cruise.

D (fair) – I found that I didn’t believe in the outside aggression and shooting. Hard to watch. Went on too long. As I expected. Not exactly ‘The Waltons’ that one: a little grim for me. I recognise the feeling of wanting to escape.

E (poor) (None)


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