Call Me By Your Name – members’ comments

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19th September 2018
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30th September 2018
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Call Me By Your Name – members’ comments

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Call Me By Your Name was shown on 19 September 2018. The first film of our 50th season.

Members’ comments on Call Me by Your Name, the second film of our 50th season, shown on 19th September 2018
Members’ Rating 66.8%: A – 16, B – 13, C – 18, D – 8, E – 0. 55 votes from 116 members signing in.


A (excellent): One of the most beautiful films I have ever seen. Transported me from an autumnal evening in Chesham to the warmth and beauty of Italy: What a sensual film: loved the father-son dialogue at the end – so inspiring for a parent to three boys! Beautifully drawn out storyline. Despite the sex scene with the nectarine, it was a real peach of a film. Wonderful, uplifting story and great landscape photography. Sensitive, honest, beautiful: two human beings loving and a father loving his son so beautifully and genuinely. Sumptuous and extremely moving: Subtle and vivid and waht amazing performances all round. Elio sperb actor, the film touched every emotion: a beautiful experience. No comments, still crying! Amazing. Beautifully done and true to the book: A great adaptation. Beautiful development of the young man’s journey into sexual awakening: Loved the last scene with his Dad on the sofa: weather used as symbolic of the relationship. Swooningly sensual and heartfelt, great performance by Chalamet: But why does the Elgiva turn on the lights over the beautiful final shot? Beautifully crafted and acted. So beautiful, sad and nostalgic! Very well shot and acted, great music: Didn’t feel it was too long: great ending, effective: Overall a great film.

B (very good): Felt a bit slow in parts, but both the father and sono scene and the very final scene as the credits began to roll were more than worth the wait (“A” rating for final 10 minutes) Great coming of age story beautifully filmed and acted: A little overlong however. Back to 1983. Atmospheric and moving. Beautiful film. Nicely filmed and a real insight for a heterosexual into a different world. Beautiful film: A little long perhaps but a wonderful coming of age film. Too drawn out at the end. Lovely cinematography: superb performance: but long in the middle! Moving, gripping: very depressing ending. Great acting and beautiful house and scenery. Wonderful film – but too long!

C  (good): Excellent music: rather too long. Too long and too many underexposed? Scenes: Well acted. Too long / not enought plot: very beautiful but slightly style over substance: it started well but became a tedious cocktease: favourite character was mother – would have liked to know more about her. Good storyline, amazing location: some odd moments. Keenly observed story of first love, beautifully shot with stunning locations. Beautiful scenery and an emtional and sincere take on first love – wasnt too keen on Oliver as a character: A little slow for a higher score, but great soundtrack. On the whole, enjoyed it: but too explicit in parts for me: loved the location: sensitive, well acted. Good film, however why have CFS chosen a film that wasn’t selected on last season’s members’choice? Surely it wasn’t considered a good enough choice last year. Nothing really happening but everything happening, bit too graphic. Rather longwinded but I suppose that’s in the nature of the topic. Beautiful mixture of languages and cultures, the boy should have got an Oscar for this: A bit long though: Amazing family! I’m not sure I can review this film: It could be good, it could be bad – it just wasn’t my type of film: Personally, I was bored: I was going to walk out, but I thought I should stick with it as it might open up a new type of film for me: Only in the last 10 minutes did I feel I connected: However, this was just to disagree with the views of Elio’s father: I thought Oliver was a nasty piece of work, playing with people’s emotions, playing with people’s lives, possibly with long- term consequences. Good film but perhaps not right for the film society…. up there with Anomalisa for audience awkwardness! Self-indulgent and lacking in warmth, despite the setting: I will never look at a nectarine in the same way again!

D  (fair): Music and nature fab: Film was self-indulgent: Abuse of relationship. Boring, self-indulgent: Abuse of power. I had no empathy with the characters. Enjoyed scenery and good music: Didn’t deserve an Oscar! Tedious, not entertainment: Much ado about??? Too long, too sickly sentimental, too cliched (crashing waterfall / professional middle class Italian summer): disappointing understanding parents! It had to come, I suppose! Could have been shorter: Our countryside just as nice: It is annoying that non Jewish people are chosen to play such parts – there are some good-looking Jews! Heavy-going: Surely these people enjoyed life more? Far too predictable and ideal. Too long: unconvincing chracters living in an unreal world. Too many longueurs.

E  (poor): (no ratings)

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