Hunt for the Wilderpeople comments

Members' ratings and comments for Hunt for the Wilderpeople shown on 5th April 2017


Members’ rating 90.8%.A-40 B-14, C-3, D-1, E-0.
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Members’ comments:

‘A’ (excellent): Best film of the season. “Double A”- best film seen in 2016-17. The best film this year: good dialogue: funny: really good. Fun, good feel. Hugely entertaining: a real hoot! Wild, wacky, weird and wonderful! May not be a “serious” film, but to me it was very heartwarming: thought-provoking in its own way: basically, just brilliant. Best laugh of the season! Good story, good mixture of locations: having recently been to New Zealand, I’m pretty sure they don’t have wild boars. Loved it: real feel-good factor. Highly unlikely plot, but very enjoyable: good feel film. Joyously funny! Touching, warm and funny (unless you’re wild prey!) with the added bonus of Leonard Cohen on the soundtrack. What a joy: loved the soundtrack, cinematography and wonderful story. Excellent entertainment: funny, likeable characters, wonderful scenery. One of the funniest films I’ve seen in ages: well scripted and filmed: nonsensical boy and dog story. Happy, sad, funny, moving, good writing and excellent acting: A great production. A thoroughly enjoyable film with a huge range of emotions, beautiful scenery and a talented cast. Hilariously different: Must read the book. Thoroughly enjoyable on all counts. Very charming. Majestical! I really enjoyed it. Great fun – thank you. I just loved it, a real “lol” film. Best of the season – excellent. A light-hearted film, but with well-rounded characters – even the dogs were well cast: beautiful country. Really enjoyable – best film this year by far – has everything: humour, life, love, adventure, age versus youth, beautiful countryside and even dogs! Highly entertaining. Lovely, feel-good film: great humour: kept me chuckling: so pleased it had a happy ending: New Zealand scenery was an added bonus. A wonderfully heart-warming film, very good acting and splendid views of New Zealand: most uplifting – please more films like this!!! A real delight: Beautiful scenery, well acted and feel-good factor. What a great film – well done members who chose! Just had a brilliant evening at this film – it was BRILLIANT!!!.

‘B’ (very good): Different: great scenery: laugh and cry. Great humour: lovely landscape: loved first half with Bella – went too suddenly and changed tone: would have liked to have more of her: that could have made a great film: initial depth lost in comedy. Highly enjoyable. Very entertaining, funny and touching without being corny – apart from the ending: and beautiful scenery. Loved elements of the film, but found others a bit clumsy (the female villain). Very nice film, beautiful location and had me laughing throughout: just found some scenes a little too unrealistic! Perfect switch-your-head-off entertainment: funny, well-written and directed: great advert for New Zealand tourism! Great film, wonderful New Zealand scenery: Sam Neill excellent. Enjoyable but I don’t think it will stay with me. Fun, light comedy.

‘C’ (good): Easy-to-watch comedy: just a tad too long. Amusing with some real dark moments.

‘D’ (fair): I felt this film had escaped from children’s tv in the era of Skippy: not really one for grown-ups.

‘E’ (poor): (No ratings)