Whiskey Tango Foxtrot comments

Members' ratings and comments for Whiskey Tango Foxtrot shown on 7th September 2016

Members’ rating: 77.9% A-23, B-34, C-7, D-2, E-2.  68 votes from 128 members who signed in

Members’ comments:

‘A’s: Well crafted mix of warm humour and world issues.  A good start to the new season.  Impressively realistic and well-acted.  Great casting and thought-provoking: it just shows media are only interested in sensational stories rather than focusing on the real issues.  Compelling, powerful, funny – a great start to the season.  Best film I have seen this year.  Brilliant. Amusing, accessible and intriguing account of journalists’ experience in Afghanistan: well worth watching but ultimately too lightweight.  Brutal, realistic, brilliant.  Tina Fey was excellent, good use of humour and loved the soundtrack: just a real portrait of what life must have been like.  Compelling – excellent start to new season.  A good way of portraying the chaos, conflict and contradictions of the situation.  Started fast and confusing, but got clearer and clearer: war is mad, war is not normal – violent anti-war film, truthful and even deep.  Absorbing and insightful, also quite funny at times – dark humour.  Brilliantly emotional, filmed and acted – got the sense of desperation without the gore.  Excellent portrayal of journey of development of self against volatile backdrop of Afghanistan: juxtaposition of “reality bubble” with “real Afghanistan” smacked you in the face – great start to the season.  A fantastic amuse bouche for the new season.  A pretty damn good film to start the season!!

‘B’s:  Very enjoyable, language sometimes difficult to make out.  Just unsentimental enough – lead performers all excellent.  Very compelling.  A really good start: a bit rom-com for a war film but that made for an interesting balance.  Loved the rhythm and music.  Really good – very different war film showing a fresh perspective – was gripped the whole way through – only point was I’m sure Kim was referred to as Tina at the beginning!  Riveting stuff – although it felt 20 minutes too long – a great start to the new season.  Genuinely enjoyed it – really funny and brilliant characters.  Could taste the dust!  Great film to start the season.  Well put-together story with great balance of blackish humour and tension: fascinating, well-captured backdrop of different culture at war – more “Good Morning, Vietnam” than “M.A.S.H.”.  Great start to the season – funny and gripping to the end – gritty but easy to watch.  Superb photography.  Compelling and thought-provoking – felt the very strong language was unnecessary.  Very exciting at the start, some terrific performances but a bit pro-US and predictable at the end.  Enjoyed it – believable and unpredictable – never bored.  Well directed, hand-held, good story.  Enjoyable but rather clichéd.  A clever film, tapping into all sorts of emotions, enjoyed the humour but could also feel her fear when she put herself in danger.  Ending weak.  Didn’t beg any big questions like some bigger war movies, but for its modest scale, a tale well told.  A good and entertaining stab at capturing the madness – nice to see the winning Ms Fey expanding her range.  Well-acted, well-scripted, solidly made – all in all, a good night at the movies. Really enjoyed this film - interesting characters and strong performances from Tiny Fey and Martin Freeman.

‘C’s: Excellent start to the film, but by the end had descended into predictable US personal journey story – not enough emphasis on those Afghans whose lives were wrecked - Billy Bob Thornton great though.  Liked the atmospheric depiction of everyday life in Kabul and Kandahar.  Good story but too long.  Refreshingly downbeat – I thought it was going to be “gung-ho” but no.  Interesting subject – a little too “Hollywood” for my taste though.  Presented an interesting perspective of Afghanistan and the issues – enjoyed it more than I thought: humour helped to relieve some of the tension.  Far exceeded my modest expectations – genuinely funny without jeopardizing the serious content.  Entertaining light touch war movie.

‘D’s: Disappointing – as a film about war and its ultimate futility, it never achieved the power of “Apocalypse Now”.  As a black comedy, nowhere near “M.A.S.H.” or “Good Morning, Vietnam” – but a better than average Hollywood treatment of personal dilemmas and need for adjustment.  Billy Bob Thornton superb – Martin Freeman as a Scot – No!  A typical schmaltzy sloppy American film- absolutely third rate and boring: with the subject matter it should have been a great film, but demonstrated all the worst qualities typical of many American films: overacted, poor dialogue, difficult to hear and understand, too noisy, laborious unfunny humour (only partly relieved by the Scotsman): the war action and grotesque injuries sustained were trivialized and vulgarized: a thoroughly unpleasant and vulgar performance all round: if there is any more American stuff of similar calibre an early warning in programme notes would be helpful.

‘E’s: Couldn’t understand a lot of the dialogue.  Silly trivial mannered expensive film – no wonder the Taliban see in us a worthless culture.