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Members' ratings and comments for Speed Sisters shown on 22nd February 2017


Members’ rating 75.7%.A-22 B-34, C-8, D-6, E-0.
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‘A’ (excellent): An excellent film on many levels – brave girls, breaking into a man’s world – gave a wonderful insight into life in Palestine – please, more like this! An extraordinary story presented in a fun and very personable way. Didn’t think it was my sort of thing, but was captivated – beautifully shot and very moving – poor Palestinians though. A fantastic thrill-ride for all motor junkies and an inspiring true story from a people under threat externally and internally. Loved it! Brilliant – a woman’s film for petrol-heads – astonishing glimpses into the frightening, constantly tense way they must live – such amazing girls. Strange, but utterly compelling. Cast moving, very good photography – good to see women’s driving talents acknowledged. As a motor racing fan, I loved this! Fascinating to see it through a different perspective. The car racing was irrelevant really but a great way to look sideways at the situation in Palestine - insightful. Whenever I feel powerless, I will watch this film – as a young girl this is the motivation and inspiration I need. Great film and a most praiseworthy attempt. I’m not into car racing, but found this gripping! Really interesting insight into Palestinian life through the perspective of motorsport. Tough ladies doing a tough sport in a very tough environment. I’m not a petrol-head but thoroughly enjoyed it – great insight into the culture which was not what I expected. Excellent mix of reality (harsh) and excitement (thrilling). Really interesting film. Loved it, really inspiring and moving. Great to see a positive story from Palestine – gained an alternative view of the area. The girls have such obstacles to face – occupation and the discrimination by some of the society in which they live – despite this, they continue – what an uplifting film.

‘B’ (very good): It was a grade ‘C’ for the first half – too much like a TV documentary, but then got better and finally I was willing Marah to win! Needed more relationship content for an ‘A’. An enlightening look into life in the occupied territories, even if it is not everyday life. Very refreshing, well edited, Beauty always has advantages! Interesting to see the other side of the wall with people living a life, not just in refugee camps. Inspirational! Rather too long, otherwise well filmed and acted. Life affirming and fun! Very pro-Palestinian, but a true reflection of the situation. Not the best film, but a key story worth telling. Felt like it could have been for TV but got a lot better – fascinating but needed more substance – so glad Betty didn’t win! A great pleasant surprise – again a great choice. The comparative social/cultural backgrounds provided more interest and sadness than the euphoria of the racing. Better than I thought it would be! A great documentary, obviously very accurate and culturally aware – thought some of the post-production editing was a bit tacky which didn’t fit with the theme, and would’ve liked more on the controversy. Very entertaining with the added interest of it being in the Middle East. A really different view of places we only hear about for bad reasons on the news. An insight into what is going on behind the headlines – and what women can do! Fascinating to see how “normal life” goes on under occupation – without overplaying it. Very exciting and different – good to see life in Palestine. Once again this film reminds us how lucky we are. Gutsy girls finding a way to express themselves in a closed society. Enjoyed it very much – such energy shown by the girls, especially in such a difficult environment. Entertaining, unusual and thoughtful film – well done! At first I thought it was going to be a little dull – but it developed into a very interesting portrait of the team and their lives in a challenging part of the world – makes you appreciate the freedom we have. Brought home the awful situation so many people live in – very entertaining regarding women’s racing. Fascinating insight into the lives of people affected by partition and constant difficulties in everyday aspects of life. Interesting, dangerous, loved the music – ready for fewer documentaries now. Great film – shame about the intro! Wonderful women-centred film AND we love the long intros, that’s why we come to a FILM CLUB!

‘C’ (good): Worth watching for the insight into life in Palestine. Fascinating slice of grass-roots motor sport. A really interesting film about a subject I knew nothing about – it was good to see a positive story about women coming out of the Middle East – good stuff! Likeable, the background put any petty rivalries and disputes into context. Surprisingly I enjoyed it. Sisters doing it for themselves! Very enjoyable. Absorbing, thought-provoking and entertaining.

‘D’ (fair): Checkpoints that really are checkpoints between borders! Reminded me of a Channel 5 documentary – lacked cohesion – had some interesting bits though – the novelty of them being girls wore off after the second race. I liked the music and the feeling/glimpses of living in the West Bank – but the story, the cutting and script were too patchy to make it enjoyable – it didn’t have many highs or lows or a climax – it felt too long and needed stronger, stricter, harder editing. There were no highlights, no excitement – the women’s relationships were poorly portrayed. Good TV documentary – not sure about a cinema event – interesting and different view of Palestine. Didn’t do anything for me – technically clever and a glimpse of the Middle East landscape and pretty girls – little content otherwise. This film raises two questions – where were the safety barriers and when is Chesham getting a candyfloss car?

‘E’ (poor): No comments.