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Members' ratings and comments for Hitchcock/Truffaut shown on 8th February 2017


Members’ rating 75.9%.A-21 B-19, C-11, D-4, E-0.
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Members’ comments:

‘A’ (excellent): Loved it! Well worth watching. How wonderfully Kent Jones conveys his affection for both directors – and cinema itself – a triumph of editing. Glad I watched it – hadn’t realized how many films Hitchcock had made. Brilliantly made – you see everything by Hitchcock in a completely different light. A masterful exposition with a bagful of great clips – still don’t like ‘Vertigo’ though! The best film so far – this should be seen more widely – please can we see ‘Vertigo’ some time? Great! A real gem. I lived through the Hitchcock era and so I remember it all well – a wonderful film. Interesting and entertaining – loved the old footage. Thoroughly enjoyed this insight into both Hitchcock and Truffaut. Good insight into the world of film. An exemplary documentary. Absorbing exploration of the director’s craft and art, showing the complex technique behind Hitchcock’s best and often deceptively straightforward moments. May we have it again next season?

‘B’ (very good): I really appreciated the knowledgeable speech before the film, thank you. Much more accessible and illuminating than I had feared, especially the contributions from other directors. Fascinating film (10 members agreed) Interesting. Will it really enhance my enjoyment? I will enjoy Hitchcock films more now that I have a greater insight – educational. Eye-opening and gripping insights into his technique of filmmaking. Defines a bromance! Interestingly put together, very enjoyable. An excellent examination of film as an art form. Very interesting but would love to have heard more of the tapes. Very well done, very interesting. I thought it was very good, incredibly interesting and a great insight into the filmmaker’s world, especially that of the 40s, 50s and 60s. Would have liked more of a film style than purely documentary and wanted more original recordings – will definitely be buying the 1966 book.

‘C’ (good): Unfortunately I struggled to focus: wrong time of the day for me to watch something complex. A very worthy film but rather boring. History lesson! Challenging to make a film about a book – good for that: I best enjoyed the reactions and responses of the audience, particularly on the row behind me. Interesting insight. A lot to take in, but fascinating insight into Hitchcock. Too much explanation and too many other directors – would have preferred more of the conversation about earlier films. I found it quite dull in the way it told its story – would Hitch have approved? Not for me I’m afraid, I’d sooner watch a Hitchcock film without analysing it - Please keep the intro short!

‘D’ (fair): Fascinating rather than greatly entertaining. Some wonderful original black and white film clips and still frames but sadly not for me as a film.

‘E’ (poor): No comments.