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Members' ratings and comments for Grandma shown on 23rd November 2016


Members’ rating 82.7%.A-36, B-16, C-10, D-3, E-0.
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Members’ comments:

‘A’ (excellent): Best so far. Considering the subject matter, this was an intelligent, humorous but incredibly sensitive film which somehow presented the issues around abortion and the long-lasting effects on all involved without judgment. Another film about daughters – the cast were exceptional and very convincing. Lily Tomlin is brilliant as Elle – despite her hard pained exterior she is a brilliant grandmother!! Well done CFS – sensitive, heartrending and thoughtful – family dynamics are never easy but love also wins over. Probably the best this season – well acted. Funny and poignant – great character studies. Brilliant! Characters were very well portrayed, believable, authentic: very entertaining and moving too. Heart warming – first rate cast working for nothing! A gem! Typically bravura performance by Lily Tomlin – a funny and unexpectedly touching film. Well told and great to see Lily Tomlin in cracking form. Brilliant – well cast, well acted. Refreshing. A gem of a movie, beautifully played by fantastic cast – Tomlin superb. Excellent from start to finish – great rhythm between fast loud scenes and quiet moments: great performances – thoroughly enjoyed. A beautiful, well-rounded film: great story, acting, direction – charming. What a marvelous Grandma - I’m jealous! Beautiful. Amazingly refreshing film. Good to have a laugh – good portrayal of relationships. Lily Tomlin hasn’t lost her touch! Amusing on the surface but with deeper undertones – Lily Tomlin brilliant. Really enjoyable – what a Grandma! Everyone should have a Grandma like that. Don’t be shy and tell the truth – speak your mind! It was excellent. Very thought provoking and very well acted. It looks as it the family will move closer together after this event. Very heartfelt film and characters perfectly created: great humour! Delightful film. Light touch on some very heavy subjects – like a short story in film, courageous in today’s America. A fascinating tour de force from Lily and very believable granddaughter – wouldn’t work in an English version, would it? Feisty dialogue – anger and regret cleverly resolved as the story unfolded – strong character acting – the best film so far this season. Interesting and unusual subject – lovely acting from central characters – good contrast to previous film also about families. A tender and touching tale brilliantly told – wonderful acting from the two leads – so realistic and genuine (and no naked bottoms!) Let’s have that bloke who introduced the film more often please! Tonight this film was perfect, enjoyable, witty. Great film – thank you.

‘B’ (very good):  Lovely original – something new, funny, very good acting – thanks for showing it. Authentic, touching and unpredictable: Enjoyed the concise intro. Enjoyed a different take on the road movie theme. An amazingly sweet story given the subject matter. Excellent multi layered story which hit the right notes for me. Delightful – what a great Grandma! A fun and happy yet somehow depressing outlook on life – very funny with appropriate points of seriousness. An enjoyable film, thank you. We’re all dysfunctional women at heart. A very good role for Ms Tomlin – a good contrast with last week’s film and its theme of family – good fun. Two lifestyles that are rarely shown – even rarer portrayed together in a film. A very good low budget film with a great script. Enjoyed Andy’s introduction “understudy” but he didn’t introduce himself! [It was Paul, who kindly volunteered at a minute’s notice when Andy was delayed on the train.]

‘C’ (good): A lovely romp of a film but I like a bit more substance to keep me fully engaged. Hopeful: nicely acted. A droll, sweet little easy-watching film – lovely. Pleasant. Good for a low-budget film but wasn’t cinematic enough: I don’t love Lily Tomlin as an actor: at least it was a realistic portrayal of someone choosing to have an abortion. Pleasing if unremarkable tale of growing up (even Grandma, in the end) and redemption?

‘D’ (fair): Potentially very good film but tried to cover too many complex issues in a superficial way. Very simplistic – preferred 9-5. Aren’t Grannies wonderful!

‘E’ (poor): No comments.