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Members' ratings and comments for I, Daniel Blake shown on 25th January 2017


Members’ rating 94.4%.A-68 B-8, C-2, D-1, E-1.
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Members’ comments:

‘A’ (excellent): How could anyone not give that film an ‘A’? Probably the best film I’ve ever seen – compelling, humourous, local colour, relationships, red tape and tragedy at the end. Brilliant (5 members). Wow – no-one could fail to be moved – extraordinary film – so much sad truth. A sober reflection on the depressing state of much of the UK. Have never seen such a brilliant, un-movie-like film: it was the real world, telling it as it is, wasting no sympathy, seeking no admirers. Fantastic film – sad, depressing, best film yet. A devastating tornado of a film, righteously angry and incredibly lucid. Reality car crash, punch in the head – is this really modern Britain? This story needed telling – well done. There are people watching this film who think it is fantasy – they are wrong, this is Britain today – heart-breaking and magnificent, you are spoiling us this season, CFS. Very moving – this is the sad situation that England has found itself in today.

Excellent but uncomfortable film as we all go back to our nice warm homes – two sides to every story, unfortunately the side we saw tonight really happens. Very emotional, brilliantly shot and amazing acting – five stars. Wonderful. Excellent, without any further comments – thank you. Should be mandatory viewing for all people eligible to vote (2 members) Powerful (8 members) – heart wrenching, excellent, well told. I’m so lucky in my life – but it could so easily be lost. Harrowing (3 members) heart-breaking, excellent. Truly outstanding film – well done! Classic Ken Loach – no holds barred – can our social services be so full of shortcomings and hurdles for worthy claimants? Superb, harrowing but with some very uplifting moments – the contrast was very stark between the despicable harsh treatment by the State and the total and unconditional kindness – incredible performances. Superb acting, real and gritty - pulled on the heartstrings. I love the absolute rawness and realism of the film, perhaps a depressing look at difficulties to come – maybe a little slow to really start, though I understand context is important. I think we all sympathized with his battle with the authorities – great film and very well acted. Best film of the season so far, powerfully moving.

A very moving film, a true fable of Britain 2017 – long may Mr Loach continue to tell these stories. Magnificent – it prompted so many questions for me – I’m sure not everyone’s experience is like that but a shocking reminder of worst cases. It should be obligatory for everyone to see. Very moving story - bureaucracy gone mad – we fund so many countries who don’t need our money and can’t look after our old and ill. A story that needed to be told – here it is and well done – loved it! Very moving – a reality check which brought tears to my eyes. Moving commentary and insight into what many people live through. Moving and so bloody true! The inequality reflected here should stop us all in our tracks and make us question what is being done in our name – both professional and amateur actors were superb – food for thought and a call to arms – another Ken Loach cracker! Very frustrating – excellent acting. Very fine casting and acting – compulsory viewing for the Home Sec! Too real. Very good and very moving. Marvellous but only slightly marred by the brothel scene which I felt was a bit of cliché. Well directed, as you would expect from Loach – and political. Superbly told story simple style and hugely dignified – excellent acting. Fantastic harsh look at reality on the poverty line and how people struggle with life’s bureaucracy. A raw, damning indictment of austerity Britain – a call for social change. Great performances from the two main characters - Everyman and Everywoman – and Loach’s speech at the end was fitting, rather than over the top. How does it make me feel? Scared! At least the human spirit shone through – Loach doing what he does best. A memorable film of tragic conditions – brilliantly grim yet touching. Fantastic acting about a situation all too real.

Too many people in our society that don’t get the attention they deserve. Such a good film and so bloody poignant. Thank goodness for Ken Loach: an honest voice in indecent times. Familiarly true – I saw the ending coming but still powerful. A dark film, very well acted - if this is a true picture of the life of the unemployed the Government should hang its head in shame. Powerful performances, what has this country become? We’re not taking care of the hard working people who need it most! 50 years after Cathy Come Home and what have they learned? It makes all other Oscar nominations seem trivial (LaLa Land!) Perhaps the most moving film I’ve ever seen – It has changed me.

‘B’ (very good): Good idea, but oversentimental. Beautifully played – heavy on the message! Sad and poignant reflection of Britain today. Excellent acting, moving, reminds me of the 6 hours in one day on the phone with the gas board recently. OMG! I’m ready to die now – totally cheerless – great acting from the kids. Loach at his best and most affecting when he makes you care about his characters – shame the ending was rather predictable.

‘C’ (good): Good but awfully one-sided – a second doctor’s appointment would have cleared things up. Not as impactful as Cathy come Home but equally an indictment of the ‘system’.

‘D’ (fair): Very predictable.

‘E’ (poor): So disappointing – Loach resorted to clichés and predictable stereotypes – expected so much more from him.