Dallas Buyers Club ratings and comments

Members' ratings and comments on Dallas Buyers Club, shown on 28th January 2015.

Members’ rating: 78.6% - A-20, B-26, C-8, D-1, E-1.
56 votes from 93 members who signed in.
Members’ comments: Very thought-provoking and inspiring film. Superb – so much better than the last film.  Compelling performances – Absorbing story.  Only criticism is that I had a problem with the Texas accent – like watching a foreign film without the subtitles! (7 other members also made this point) Power to the People! Excellent. Really good film: I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it: Yes, he did deserve the award – great performances.  Great film – thought-provoking . A Fascinating story well told – excellent acting all round. Moving, well-acted film.  What a mixed-up medical world we live in.  Thoughtful. Very, very good.  Superb acting. Just shows what people can do when they put their minds to it.   Very good film, excellent acting.  Too many close-ups! Excellent acting. Powerful stuff: much better than expected. Intense and moving. Very interesting – and being based on a real-life and not particularly likeable character, that the film didn’t play very much on the emotions (when it might have done).  A very touching performance by Jared Leto.  Great acting – good interesting story line.  Powerful story – McConaughey earned that Oscar.  [The following, long, comment was submitted by email with the single E rating] I am amazed that this film made so much money! I suspect few if asked would want to see it again:  it represented the worst qualities of this particularly crude Hollywood genre – foul-mouthed, violent and moronic:  “Ole boys” trying to act being tough: it was cluttered with irrelevance and the “dialogue” mainly incomprehensible: odd bits of good cinema were lost in the general swill: the main point about immoral and monopolistic drug companies blocking out the little man’s alternative options was very ineffectively made: perhaps worst of all, it was utterly boring.  Exhilarating, moving, a feel-good film despite its content. So moving and intense but the moment was ruined by someone’s mobile phone at the end.  I imagine the real story was a lot messier – what a perfect Hollywood hero.  Very well-acted – kept me interested only because it was based on a true story otherwise I would not have watched it. Compelling film. Great performance.  Brilliantly acted – summed up prejudice and fears of time perfectly.  A very  balanced portrayal of a complex life: poignant and touching.  Excellent acting by the two main characters.  Well-acted : good photography.  Learning about lives and deaths: interesting. Good story: great acting but too much mumbling.   Relentlessly hard and harsh: not a drop of joy: very impressed with Matthew McConaughey’s weight loss and Jared Leto’s performance. Superb acting: a very thought-provoking film.  It was a f****** amazing trip, man!!  Moving – great performances. Raw in tooth and claw: well-produced but a no-hope story.


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