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Members' ratings and comments for Anomalisa shown on 19th October 2016


Members’ rating 54.2%.A-9, B-9, C-18, D-8, E-10. 54 votes from 100 members signing in

Members’ comments:

‘A’ (excellent): A penetrating study of loneliness, alienation and mental disintegration – made all the more disturbing by the use of animation and the use of only three voices – a technical tour de force. Enjoyably quirky. People are weird and they make weird movies – we can all be weird. Very funny and also very interesting – certainly some more abstract political and social ideas. Very open to interpretation which I liked: excellent animation. Grew on me! I liked the device of one voice for “everyone else” and a really touching performance by Jennifer Jason Leigh. Unusually dark content for an animated film – but why not? I found Michael’s despair and confusion convincing, puppet or not – lightened by moments of wry comedy and a lifelike portrayal of the slow tedium of travelling on business. Odd – but very good: could the introduction be reduced to two minutes, please? At first I didn't understand it at all: I called it rubbish: but it didn't leave me alone and came to my dream last night: now I think it's brilliant: absolutely a great depiction of loneliness in the midst of people, it's close to insanity; and seems unhelpable, unreachable - us everyone else is the great other: full marks!

‘B’ (very good):  Visually amazing and interesting subject matter – I was hoping for an answer to the problem. Loved the stop motion, but a very strange film. Difficult to comment on: great animation but very strange: enjoyed it in an equally strange way. Slow start, but surprisingly enthralling. A different look at a mental condition – by the end I thought the film had redeemed itself. It felt so real but it was all so wrong! The use of puppets really worked to highlight an interesting condition: great comedy moments: very clever! So strange, never seen anything like it – haunting and embarrassing, pervy, odd. Clever and thought-provoking parable of our times.

‘C’ (good): Brave attempt to examine existentialism – though I’m not sure it succeeded… Very bleak film – empty lives in a nightmare world – I’m glad it’s nothing like mine: intriguing technique. Innovative and uniquely-animated: not as accessible as Kaufman’s other work but raised a number of philosophical points well. Puppets were superb but a difficult film to engage with. Weirdest analysis of a nervous breakdown: interesting concept and approach. Very slow, sort of interesting, just redeemed with the final scene of Lisa and Emily. Wonderfully weird! Enjoyable choice and certainly like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Peculiar. Wondered if it was a technical exercise in animation: it was a little strange and disturbing. Weird. Very strange and interesting. Good animation let down by a confused narrative. Brilliant animation but an ordinary plot – basically about a commercial traveller followed by a political rant. A strange combination, sometimes charming and sometimes sinister. Uncertain what central message it was trying to convey, but an interesting puzzle. Thought-provoking: everyone looked the same which shocked me at first, but it was all part of his condition: good film!

‘D’ (fair): Impressive animation and an easy watch but very odd. Very clever – but … Words fail me. Odd – something a bit uncomfortable throughout. Amazing animation but so boring – am I missing something? Awful and could have been so much funnier: playing on the relationship breakdown from the breakfast onwards. I started off thinking why have they gone to all that trouble to make puppets and then I thought they wanted to go further in the sex scene that is usual in non-porn films. What a 15 year-old would think. Unusual to say the least – I’ll never look at Punch and Judy again in the same way – that was only a 15?

‘E’ (poor): Stupid. Boring, boring, boring: annoying people, no story: what a waste of an evening. Great puppetry but intrinsically dull: didn’t grip me at all, I kept waiting for it to get better. Why puppets? Why this film at all? Why did I waste an evening? I fell asleep. Boring and pointless. Terrible: a waste of an evening plus it’s always too hot and stuffy in the theatre – can something be done about that please? Intriguing animation but the movie itself was stillborn: any themes that they were trying to draw out took way too long to emerge and weren’t done well.